My best buds

2021.10.21 02:24 Geedis2020 My best buds

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2021.10.21 02:24 WarForLovingPeople I created a playlist of my favorite Pokemon LoFi covers. Enjoy!

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2021.10.21 02:24 AlexUkrainianDude The compliment went wrong

There is a girl I like. We chat sometimes, briefly, and I made her a compliment. But now I find it cringy, and she didn't actually react. So, I fcked up a bit there, I am awkward with social interactions. I don't know what to do now Apologize? Then what?
Thank you!
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2021.10.21 02:24 Flat-Profession-8945 4 weeks until November 17.....

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2021.10.21 02:24 Ragnellrok Concerning Miles Morales between Spider-Man 1 and his game's beginning.

Okay, so, minor spoilers, however in what I will be calling SP1 and SPMM from now on, is it just me, or did Miles literally get spindlier? Like thinner, looking like a light breeze would knock him over? Because for me, he looks that way, just spindly in SPMM and normal proportions in SP1.
My only thought is that Sony is playing to Spiderverse fans... but still, at least some consistency would be nice, and yes, I am aware that Peter's face is changed, but that was for the ability to sync the face to Yuri's face to retain the voice and wasn't some viscious backlash of some kind, just a change to fix face/voice synchronization.
But.... I can't think of why Miles looks normal in game 1 and in the inflated priced DLC game, looks just.... so weak in comparison to game 1. Anyone else have the same thoughts on this? Or am I just nutty?
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2021.10.21 02:24 BestSongsNFT The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel - Best Songs NFT Alpha - High Res Link in the Comments. 1000 different songs. Limited To 1000 On the blockchain. Song lyrics included

The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel - Best Songs NFT Alpha - High Res Link in the Comments. 1000 different songs. Limited To 1000 On the blockchain. Song lyrics included
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2021.10.21 02:24 HistoricalDurian5560 Yeah this is my YouTube please subscribe (◠‿・)—☆(•‿•)◉‿◉(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

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2021.10.21 02:24 IntelligentMine1901 Thrace, Coela - Marcus Aurelius .

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2021.10.21 02:24 Skunko I did 15000 steps yesterday and now my legs are fucked ;-;

I need to get outta bedd, why is this so harddd, it feels like my legs don't exist, they just feel like stubs of paralyzed pain
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2021.10.21 02:24 WritingUnicorn2019 What do you think the next phase of horror will be?

I have had fun reading posts from here this evening, and it has made me wonder -- what do you think the next phase of horror will be? We've had slashers, zombies, apocalyptic survival, found footage, possessions, haunted houses, cannibalism -- what's left to scare us? I myself love twist endings, something you didn't see coming. But those are harder to pull off these days because we've seen that, done that. What do you think?
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2021.10.21 02:24 Cannafollow Flash on/Flash off. Very old school cross of Tom Hills Deep Chunk with BC roadkill skunk. Carbon filters do not mask the odor.

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2021.10.21 02:24 killer_A1 Add me for daily gifts and xp‼️ 6160 9310 6647

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2021.10.21 02:24 lucenault Weekly cybersecurity news here again

New week - more news! And there's a bunch to choose from, so hope you like it.

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2021.10.21 02:24 bot_neen Dip. Rocío Esmeralda Reza Gallegos (PAN)/ Presentación de reservas a Miscelánea Fiscal

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2021.10.21 02:24 sai-kiran Latest Regolith release 1.6 is now available for Ubuntu Impish 21.10 in all PPAs

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2021.10.21 02:24 Apprehensive_Device5 Anybody got the instrumental or background vocals for "it just doesnt matter"???? That hum is and instrumental is god level

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2021.10.21 02:24 Seminal_Sound furry_irl

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2021.10.21 02:24 ProdCraser [FREE FOR PROFIT]Playboi Carti, A$ap Rocky type beat(siers beats)

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2021.10.21 02:24 twopeaksmall How good on irons should I be to get into pistol red dots?

Hey guys, just wanted to ask when you transitioned from iron sights to red dots on pistols. I just started shooting a few months ago and I’m far from good with irons - hitting maybe 3-4 inch groups at 7 yards (slow fire) with the occasional outlier. Also still working on not jerking the trigger, as I still push a bit low left. Like I said, far from good but also not the worst I think (at least, based on looking at the guys around me at the range). Anyways, I shot a Glock with an RMR today and think I’m really into it. I know it doesn’t help with fundamentals like trigger pull and that finding the dot again will certainly require practice, but I find the sight picture much, much more preferable than irons. However, I see people say you should “work up to” a red dot by focusing on irons first. Is this true, and if so, what qualifies as proficient enough? Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.21 02:24 rjj0211 How long should I wait before redoing my second lobe piercings in a higher spot? Got them done today.

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2021.10.21 02:24 JamesinaLake Loss of field of Vision. What's next?

Long story short after a Routine eye exam, I was referred to the ER, then to a Neurologist and now I'm waiting on an MRI.
The Neurologist mentioned my field of vision in my left eye is about 80 when it should be 160. He wants the MRI but thinks this issue is something I may have had my whole life but for whatever reason I'm really only noticing now. After a few eye tests I'm stunned I never really noticed how bad my left eye is.
I guess my question is what exactly are they looking for in the MRI. What could cause my field of vision loss and has anyone ever dealt with something like this before.
I'm a 35 year old male If that helps.
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2021.10.21 02:24 BrannorMcThife Series 5 Amiibo already in the game

So my island has a few lots open, and I've been visiting some islands.
Today I came across Cyd, and was quite surprised. Cyd is off to my island within the next 2 days. But that's crazy. I didn't realise they're available already.
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2021.10.21 02:24 stephain_jones Let’s get started

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2021.10.21 02:24 rosegoldelephant Should I block my ex boyfriend? Please read before just saying “yes it’s your ex”

OK guys so I’m coming here to read it because I’m in a bit of a pickle and I just want some advice from strangers instead of going to friends I just wanted to see what you guys‘s opinion was about me blocking my ex my ex and I broke up two months ago and went no contact but I know for a fact that he still watches my social media because I watches guilty and will interact with the same things and I know it’s not a coincidence but here’s the tea he had me in a third-party situation with his ex girlfriend where I guess they were trying to get back together or something like that and then like two months later he has a meeting me we hit it off I’m hands up cutting her off for me and then we end up being together but then she has a popping back up a couple months later and trying to make a fake pages to act like you’re not to be malicious towards me to talk about me and stuff like that to try to get him back on so he blocked on social media for me didn’t talk to her cut her off whatever. Now after we broke up broke up two months ago he unblocked her they don’t follow each other I’m sorry that I know all this information but like and I’m going through a break up so like this is normal to be like you know snooping is still fresh but they don’t follow each other but he’s he’s posted about her like specifically about like her name like so you’re not trying to make me mad and stuff like that get me jealous cause from his from when he said that he doesn’t let he doesn’t want her like that like he’s loves her but like you know he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship where like you know they could be friends or whatever I don’t really think you could be friends with an ex but yeah so I’m just debating should I block my ex has been two months and like I feel myself really moving on and at the same time I also feel myself I still resenting him for like just the stuff that he put me through so I’m just like I don’t wanna block him because I don’t want him to know that like I’ve been keeping up with him to because I’ve been acting nonchalant like I’m not heartbroken I know that gets to him but you know if I’m like if I block him and he knows that I looked him up went to his page to block him so like does it look better if I don’t block him and I just act nonchalantBut it’s just so tough because like I don’t want to say I hate him but like I’m starting to like really dislike him and I know I should probably now block him just so they have access to my stuff so you can see me doing and looking better but I’m just confused on what to do like should I just not be impulsive and just fight the urge to not care about blocking him please help sorry it’s a lot (I used voice memo for that so I’m sorry if there’s any errors I hope someone answers me SOS)
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2021.10.21 02:24 SpaceKitty599 Sari Not Sorry Wallpaper (OC)

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