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Mailman To Messiah V2 -- Launching 10/26/21 at 9PM Eastern time!!!
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Why $MMM? We based this coin on the Crypto Messiah himself. The Crypto Messiah started his adult career as a mailman and now he's a Crypto GENIUS. The goal of this coin is to honor his name for all he has done for this community and try to get him some more followers. He is the true Messiah of the crypto world. We are hoping to gain support from the Messiah himself to help launch our coin into outer space. We are planning on donating to different GoFundMe pages that are dedicated to mail deliverers who need help. Join our telegram to interact with our community and show the Messiah how much you appreciate him.
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2021.10.21 02:56 VoidKiller826 Wonder Women #24- The Old Ways

Wonder Women Issue Twenty-Four: The Old Ways
Arc: White Suits
Written by u/VoidKiller826
Edited by u/dwright5252
“Greetings.” Normal speech.
‘Greetings.’ Thinking speech.
[Greetings.] Comms and phone speech.
{Greetings.} TV and Radio speech.
Sandsmark Household - Gateway City - TIME: 07:07 A.M
Cassandra Sandsmark hated waking up early. Sleeping in was a habit she picked up ever since she started her career as Wonder Girl, especially when she was a Teen Titans. When she patrolled with Diana, the late hero made sure Cassandra went back home early after they finished their patrol. Whether she liked it or not, Diana would not have Cassandra staying up too late. But when she patrolled with the Teen Titans? Her sleep schedule got wrecked from all the adventures she had to take part in that went way past her Wonder Woman-enforced bedtime.
"Do you need any eggs, Cassandra?" Helena Sandsmark's voice came from the kitchen. Unlike Cassandra, her mom was wide awake by five in the morning ready for work. "I can make them boiled!"
"Sure, Mom!" Cassandra answered back before turning to the person currently standing in front of her. “Artemis… I know I told you I am available every day because I got summer vacation…” Cassandra started as she sat on her sofa, dressed in her pajamas that consisted of black shorts and a black Wonder Woman shirt, chin resting in one hand and a bowl of flakes on the other. “But that doesn’t mean you get to ruin my sleep over it…”
Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, stood in front of the flat-screen TV as she tried to plug in the tablet, all while eating a fresh slice of toast Cassandra’s mom made for her.
“Forgive me, I would have chosen a better time but this requires your attention,” Artemis apologized, as she finally figured out how to connect the HDMI wire into the TV, and a PowerPoint presentation came on the screen. "I've been working on the series of robberies that are happening across Gateway City and San Francisco for the past few months,"
"Wait, before you start… you're seriously doing a PowerPoint presentation of your investigation?"
"Huh… guess I can’t judge if you go the old way..." Cassandra nodded, taking a bite out of her cereal. She was so used to a high-end, detailed, and clean holographic presentation with a bat logo at the corner that seeing a normal PowerPoint just made her feel like she was back in a classroom.
"They started their work on the night that Veronica Cale won her Presidency," Artemis began, pointing at a bank located in the financial district. "Taking full advantage of the celebration."
"I wouldn't exactly call it a celebration…" muttered Cassandra. "But I remembered that one. Awesome job in stopping Giganta, by the way."
"Thank SCYTHE for that, they came in just as we were finishing our battle," Artemis noted, showing news footage of SCYTHE’s grand debut when they swung their weapons at Giganta, knocking her out. "The same night these robberies started, SCYTHE began their work as protectors."
"More like an occupying army..." Cassandra muttered and took another bite.
"The robberies did not stop, they continued on their work, stealing from bank to bank across the city-" Four more highlights were marked around Gateway, each done by a crew dressed in tracksuits and wearing a mask of past Presidents. "-Until SCYTHE turned their attention to them after Hall and his soldiers eliminated the Cartel and the Triad of the city. Following numerous raids on their headquarters, their robberies stopped."
The next slide showed a news article that Artemis took from the internet and pasted it on her presentation. It showed the aftermath of SCYTHE's clean-up across the city, wasting no time in eliminating two of Gateway's biggest crime syndicates in just a few months.
"However, their activities made a resurgence following the Blackouts," Artemis clicked on her tablet to show the next slide, this time it showed San Francisco alongside Gateway, with more red circles highlighted across the two cities. "They took full advantage of SCYTHE's weakened state, growing bolder after each attempt."
Cassandra counted at least fifty circles on the map, covering different banks, from big to small, from corporate-sponsored to mob-controlled ones. The only banks they hadn't touched were Federal Banks, but she suspected they were just warming up before hitting them.
"Thanks to Batman's assistance, I was able to complete my findings into the suspects and their motives."
The next slide appeared, and this time a wanted poster, courtesy of the Justice Legion's help, and Cassandra couldn't help but groan.
"Angelo Bend? The Angle Man? That dude is still around?" Cassandra said, staring at the grinning mugshot of the thief.
Artemis raised a brow, "You have a shared history?"
"I wouldn't call it 'shared history', it's more just who hung out with him during that time I had history with," Cassandra explained.
"Nonetheless, it seems that he, along with his thugs, were targeting the Sazia Crime Family's fortune."
Next slide, this time it was a hierarchy tree of the famed Gateway's oldest crime syndicate, the Sazias.
"Woah… the Mafia are still getting money in this day and age?" Cassandra asked, amazed. "So what? Did someone hire Bend to steal some money from the Sazias? Seems normal to me."
Before Diana, Gateway City had three gangs running around: The Luminous Path Triad, the Mexican Cartel, and the Sazia Crime Family. All warred against one another for control of the criminal underworld in not just Gateway, but half of California.
Diana’s arrival at Gateway changed everything when she challenged the established powers. She went about weakening them from disrupting their earnings, helping arrest high-ranked members, and fighting off their hired muscles. One of them was Barbara Minerva, who was hired by the Sazias, and battled Diana for the first time under their employ before going independent.
"It was until I asked Grayson to look further," Artemis clicked on to the next slide, and showed to the Blonde-haired girl what looked like to be a data sheet filled with names and amounts of money that were stolen. "And it seems we've come upon a discovery."
"Holy shit… the Sazias are loaded?" Cassandra asked in disbelief. For the past few months, Angelo Bend and his crew stole at least ten million dollars, a lot of money for the Mafia of today. "I knew they were the biggest gang in California but this… is impossible, not even the mobs in Gotham have this much cash."
"That’s what confuses me; by reputation, the Sazias would be the least earned organization in the city," Artemis noted, frowning at the number. Even though she was learning things like PowerPoints, she understood the ideas behind banking and having too much money meant something was amiss.
"And yet… they have more money than any other crew in Gateway… hell, probably in California… No wonder Bend and his crew are targeting a lot of banks. The Sazias probably used them to clean their money."
Cassandra did not expect this presentation to both intrigue her and confuse the hell out of her.
At least she'll have an eventful vacation for once.
"Not to mention the bank robbers themselves," Artemis went back to the slide that had Angelo Bend's mugshot. "When they began, they were simply thugs hired from the streets, before hiring members from the Aryan Brotherhood following the Blackouts."
"Batman told you that?"
"No, I asked a member of the Aryan Brotherhood," Artemis revealed, and Cassandra wondered if that was during or after beating that answer out whoever gave Artemis that info. "He was willing to tell me about their dealings with Bend, but their relationship didn't go beyond him hiring and using them for his robberies as hired muscles."
"Hmm… this doesn't fit Angelo's M.O. He usually works alone, or at best with another partner he trusts," Cassandra noted, eyes glued to Bend's mugshot. "And these days his usual partner would probably try and stop him instead of helping him."
"His current partner seems to be a cryomancer. They took me by surprise last night after they used their powers."
"Guess he's expanding, but it's not Bend's usual style to go this simple with his heists. Either he goes with style or he doesn't do it, probably desperate to pay someone off if he started hiring Neo-Nazis and a meta for these jobs," said Cassandra as she stood up, bowl in hand. "Is the ice meta someone we know?"
Artemis shrugged, "I was frozen before I could get a good look."
"Hmm… got a long list of metahumans that can shoot ice… and they all are dangerous…" Cassandra could name a few but none typically worked in Gateway. "We’ve got ground to cover, because we have no clue where Bend's next target will be, so right now we can focus on two other suspects." Cassandra began, raising one finger. "First, we got the Sazias. Someone wants to rob their life savings, and one of the best thieves in the business, someone who I'll admit has standards, is stealing from them, and they have more money than anyone else not named Cale." Said the blond-haired vigilante. She raised her second finger. "Secondly, we got the Aryan Brotherhood, finding them would be a challenge because Hall and his death squad crippled their operations after the whole Red Panzer mess last year."
"Not quite. I have been tracking high-ranking members who were planning on reorganizing the Brotherhood here in Gateway," Artemis said, turning off the PowerPoint after finishing her presentation. "They've been meeting from location to location but they seem to have some kind of bunker hidden away near the bay."
"Let me guess, a Neo-Nazi told you that?"
"No, Batman."
Cassandra let out a groan; Artemis' honesty and bluntness can be a little much. At least Artemis was making waves in actually talking to other Legion members other than her.
"So it's settled: one of us will handle the Nazis and the other will handle the Sazias?" Artemis inquired.
"Then I will track down the Brotherhood. They've been my focus for the past few months, and I aim to finish what I started," Artemis said with a small smirk, looking forward to it.
"And I'll deal with the Sazias."
Artemis nodded, but then her brows furrowed. "I have to admit, I have not monitored any significant activities done by the Sazia Family."
"Don't worry, ever since the passing of Antonio Sazia, the mafia has been keeping a low profile, not helped when Diana dismantled their operations years ago," Cassandra explained, turning to Artemis. "They're led by his widow, Julia Sazia. The old lady should be running things somewhere in the Perez District. I am sure she wouldn't mind me coming in and asking her about it."
Artemis raised an eyebrow, "She is willing to cooperate with us?"
Cassandra nodded, "Diana always treated people with respect, that includes her enemies, and paid respect to the Sazias after Antonio's passing," added the blond-haired demi-goddess. Her time as Wonder Girl was finally coming to use; Diana advised her to be more connected with the city's inhabitants, and that included the baddies. "Let's hope we can get an understanding of just what the hell is going on."
Artemis nodded back, "Understood, but I will admit… speaking with a criminal instead of fighting them is… a first for me."
Cassandra let out a sigh, still a bit tired from waking up early. "I would have picked punching Nazis over talking to a Mafia boss, but what can you do?"
Of all things she expected to happen in her vacation, dealing with the Mafia, Nazis, bank robbers, and Angelo Bend wasn't a recipe she would have predicted, but hey, could be worse.
SCYTHE HQ - Gateway City - TIME: 11:30 A.M
"Ah… Lieutenant?"
Vanessa Kapatelis, still covered in bandages following her battle against the new Cheetah months ago, looked up from the digital table she was staring at to see Branwen, the SCYTHE support specialist, and Hall's designated assistant, entering shyly into the room she occupied.
"Yes, Branwen?" She asked the young agent. Branwen wore a formal suit, as ordered by Commander Hall that everyone should wear one, except for the soldiers as they were required to wear armor. This contrasted with Vanessa's casual look of a black sleeveless shirt and combat pants, all black, showing off her impressive muscles.
"The reports on Chinatown you've requested…" said Branwen nervously as set up the file into the digital table, and Vanessa couldn't help but smile.
"Branwen, you don't have to be afraid when you are around me," Vanessa assured the young woman, who'd been working overtime after the Blackout. Then again, so had everyone else. "Just because you see me grumpy sometimes doesn't mean I'll glare at you. I am not like Hall, so you don't have to feel stressed."
"I… I am sorry..." Branwen seemed unsure how to respond other than giving a small shy smile, lowering her eyes from Vanessa and saying in a low tone. "Thank you… Lieutenant Kapatelis."
"Please, call me Vanessa," said the Lieutenant, giving her a warm smile.
Before Branwen could answer, the door behind her opened, and the sound of metal clanking came in as Hammer and Sickle entered, bringing a dark cloud over the room, mostly for Sickle than for Hammer.
"I see you are getting better as an acting Komandir," Sickle, Alexie Abramovici, the eldest of the twins, said with a snide tone towards Vanessa before turning his sight to Branwen. "Playing someone who cares for their subordinate."
Vanessa's warm features dissipated the moment she saw Sickle. He always found ways to comment and demean her work any chance he got, out of arrogance that he was an actual soldier, while Vanessa, admittedly, never joined the Army and instead went straight to SCYTHE.
"That will be all, Branwen, thank you," Vanessa nodded at the support agent who meekly nodded back and excused herself, leaving the three SCYTHE agents alone in the room. "I can see you are getting better as a disgusting pig."
Sickle took off his helmet to reveal a bald-headed man underneath sneering at her. "I am simply being chestnyy with myself." He commented before looking back at the door and pointed, the sound of mechanical wiring coming from his left arm. "That one, the purple-haired girl? Too skinny for my taste."
"Hmm…" Hammer, the younger twin, who kept his helmet on but Vanessa could see his long black hair flowing out from the back, gave his brother a judgmental look.
"Oh don't judge me now, just because you have someone doesn't mean I can't say I like mine to be big and warm-"
"Focus, shit bag," Vanessa cut through before he could finish his sentence, "I am still wondering how the Commander got a former Bratva scum like you working with us," she chided before turning to the Hammer, giving him an apologetic smile. "No offense, Viktor."
"Hmm… none taken…" The Hammer, Viktor Abramovici, nodded in understanding, crossing his arms, and like his brother, a mechanical noise came out, but from his left arm.
Unlike his brother, Viktor was more subdued and quiet, respectful to everyone he met, but he could also appear aloof to some people.
Alexei sneered, "I am good with my work as a peacekeeper."
Vanessa scoffed. The Abramovici Twins were former Bratva enforcers, arrested back when Hall was a Blackhawk and impressed the Commander so much he recruited them to be part of his personal squad alongside Vanessa.
'They are trying to better themselves, Lieutenant,' was Hall's explanation when she asked why they have criminals working alongside them. She could understand Viktor, but she couldn’t accept Alexei, for he represented the kind of scum that took advantage of their freedom as a peacekeeper.
The SCYTHE lieutenant let out a deep breath. No use complaining now that they were a year in working together.
Pressing a button on the digital table, the hologram shifted into Gateway City, specifically a neighborhood area.
"Chinatown, one of the oldest areas in the city, has been experiencing a large number of drugs flowing in its streets." Vanessa began her briefing, eyeing Sickle as he leaned against the walls, while his brother stood close by. "Our reports suggest that these new drugs are being supplied by the Triad, specifically, the Red Centipedes."
"Didn't we take care of the Triad already?" Sickle commented, looking bored.
"We got rid of the Luminous Path, but in the aftermath, smaller Triads went to war against one another, and the Red Centipedes won, swallowing everyone else under their umbrella. Right now they are the biggest crime syndicate in Gateway and in San Francisco." Vanessa noted, and the hologram changed to the Red Centipedes’ gang sign, known as RedCent for short. "The Commander gave me the task to monitor them after we got a tip of a possible connection between them and the Red Panzer incident last year."
"Chinese and Nazis working together?" Sickle asked, raising an eyebrow.
"No, more likely replaced. The Aryans were hired by someone, but after we raided their hideouts, they moved on the Triad as their muscle."
After the Red Panzer incident, Hall ordered SCYTHE to focus on eliminating the entire Aryan Brotherhood from Gateway City, their supplies, their connections in the prisons, everything, eradicated and removed. All it took was one of their own nearly assassinating the President, and in a few months, the Aryan Brotherhood was nothing more but a memory in California.
“The Magician…” Hammer spoke, staring at the hologram, turning to Vanessa. “Panzer… the Cheetah… the Aryans… Now, Centipedes…”
“Whoever they are, plus these series of robberies, they are no accident. The Magician is hell-bent on something in Gateway, and aims to go bigger after all else fails.”
Commander Hall had been growing obsessive over the Magician ever since he found that pumping machine underneath the Botanical Gardens months ago, the contents inside it that were used to empower Urzkartaga, and in turn the Cheetahs to wreak havoc around Gateway City. Vanessa would chalk it up as the Commander just guessing, but the name the Magician had been popping up from the other gangs that she wondered if these random events were as connected as Hall’s feared them to be.
"We have nothing on them, not even who leads or who is part of it beyond the lesser gangs that works under their umbrella." The digital table shifted to the number of smaller gangs that were active in Chinatown, all Triads; a few of them were competition to the Centipedes before being absorbed. “Not even the last few raids we did were enough to get us even a name of their higher-ranked members if ever there are any.”
Sickle let out a loud sigh and got off the wall to address Vanessa. “Then… we do this the old way…” He picked up his helmet and whistled for his brother, whose demeanor shifted from aloof to sudden coldness. “You've said it yourself, we can't do much by raiding their places. These people never leave things behind."
"The old- what are you planning to do? I haven't given you an order-"
"You want this solved, Kapatelis? Or do you want to wait until the next giant plant monster pops out of the ground?" Sickle interrupted her. "I have Bratva contacts still on good terms with us. We can have your information needed much quicker than flirting with the tech support."
Vanessa opened her mouth then closed it, turning to Hammer to see him shaking and lowering his head. Despite being more understanding of the twin, he still listened to his brother first over everyone else not named Hector Hall, and that included her.
Vanessa gritted her teeth. She could order Sickle to stand down, and he'd complain and comply. But all that would do is justify how he views her: Hall's little favorite agent. She knew that most of the soldiers in SCYTHE didn't respect her beyond her rank. The only ones she ever talked to in HQ are the tech support in the Black Room because they were civilians, not soldiers that followed Hector Hall. Even though Hall respected her abilities, she wondered if he saw her use the same way as he saw the Abramovici Twins.
But she knew this was her chance to prove to herself and to Hall that she can get back to the field by taking down the RedCent. If she accomplished this, then all her hard work would mean something.
'Diana… give me strength… I wish every day you were here with me…'
The Abramovici Twins were still waiting for an answer, Sickle's expression changed from a leering sneer to a cold one.
His brother kept his head down, waiting for her to speak, expression hidden behind his helmet.
Vanessa took a deep breath, glaring back at the cold eyes of the former Bratva enforcer, and answered with a definite tone.
The Mandoline - Perez District - Gateway City - TIME: 12:00 P.M
The Mandoline, one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Gateway City, was a small place located in the old Perez District right around the corner at Messner-Loebs Avenue. Once a popular place where many of the most famous celebrities would come and visit to try out the perfectly made cuisine, the taste of proper Italian food was rarely found in the Bay Area, and that included San Francisco.
However, the restaurant had fallen into hard times, now reduced to a novelty, visited only by older folks who still remember the good times and the young couples who want to experience what an old Italian would look like before they move on to another, better equipped, company-owned fast food shop.
[...In local news, authorities believe that the recent attack on the pier was a stronghold belonging to the criminal organization the Aryan Brotherhood. Sources say that Wonder Woman attacked the criminals and gave their location to the authorities. No word as of yet from SCYTHE of this recent development-]
“More steak, Mrs. Sazia?”
“Please, and thank you.”
Julia Sazia, the widow of Antonio Sazia and boss of the Sazia Crime Family, who was named as such by her own husband before his death as they wanted their children to be part of the family business, drank her red wine as she enjoyed her lunch in the empty restaurant. The place was one of her favorites to visit, knowing that she was the only one who contributed to keeping it afloat, even if it no longer earned any significant money as it used to. The old Sazia widow had a soft spot for the place, and it was one of the few that wasn’t under their ‘protection’.
Her continued contribution had helped get her a private session whenever she called the owner, who booked and gave her a special dining room that was once used by famous celebrities and even governors of California whenever they would visit.
Julia raised her wine glass towards the photo that was standing in front of her on the table. It was a picture of a handsome older man, dressed in a fine white suit and black tie, giving a devilishly handsome smile to the camera: Antonio ‘Tony’ Sazia, her deceased husband. “To you my love, I miss hearing your lame puns every day…”
She took a drink from her wine glass, feeling the taste of alcohol coming down her throat as she continued eating her lunch. However, her ears perked up as she heard some shouting from outside her dining room.
“What the fuck?!”
“Stop her!”
“She threw Fat Paulie like he was fucking nothing!”
Gunshots followed, then more screaming and things crashing.
Julia Sazia looked up from her plate after hearing the commotion, keeping her cool as the chaos happening outside stopped. Silence followed, with the only sound being footsteps that echoed at each step on the wooden floor.
“Come in,” Julia said in a calm tone as she heard the wooden door slowly open. The newcomer took a slow walk towards her table, their sneakers rubbing on the clean and well-made floor. The Mafia boss took a bite from her stake as she addressed them. “Even years later, you still didn’t learn how to display proper manners, you little spit.”
Cassandra, dressed as Olympos, gave a toothy grin to the Mafia Don, wearing her red hoodie over her head that shadowed her face, but just as she came closer, the lights from the chandelier helped display her Greek opera mask. Her hands were thrust tightly in her jacket’s pocket and her clothes remained untouched even after the commotion she heard outside.
“Hey now, Widow Sazia, I always show respect, but that’s more reserved for law-abiding citizens, not Mafia bosses,” said Olympos. Looking around and admiring the room, she let out a whistle. “Woah, never knew we had these places in Gateway. Might even order me some fine food here the next time I visit.”
“You should, your mentor came here once after the funeral and enjoyed the meal,” Sazia’s eyes narrowed at the nickname ‘Widow Sazia., It was a derogatory nickname coined by rival gangs and the police, mostly to establish her material status and as boss of the family. “You might even bring your whole little friends to help out this failing place.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
Cassandra and the older Sazia woman continued staring at each other before Julia leaned back against her chair, whipping her mouth with a napkin.
“So what do I owe the pleasure in your visit? Especially after you beat up my bodyguards who were enjoying their lunch,” began Sazia, stabbing at the TV nearby that played the news of the raid on an Aryan Brotherhood bunker. “I expect you’re helping out the new girl in town.”
“She can take care of herself.”
“Indeed… while you take care of my boys.”
Cassandra shrugged, standing in front of her table. “I did ask them politely to bring me to you and order some pasta, but they didn’t budge, so I budged back,” explained the masked hero in a sarcastic tone. “Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve been having problems recently.”
“Be more specific Wonder brat, or do you want me to call you by our new name?” Julia chided the young woman, aware that Olympos and Wonder Girl were one and the same. “I’ve been having problems from your kind, SCYTHE, and other stupid men.”
“The recent bank robberies.”
“You’ve been getting nabbed from all corners in Gateway and San Francisco,” noted the masked hero, staring down on the seated Don. “I half expected you’d be panicking from all the money you are losing, but you look like you don’t care you lost a lot of money. A lot of money.” Cassandra repeated, emphasizing the last part.
Julia let out a soft chuckle as she brought out a pack of cigarettes, her demeanor still calm as ever. “Never took you for the caring type. our dead mentor maybe, Diana cared enough, but not you,” said the older woman, lighting her cigar as she started smoking. “You’re like the rest of us, a human. The only difference is you can fly and take a punch.”
Cassandra’s eyes twitched when Sazia called Diana her ‘dead’ mentor, but she kept her cool. She needed to get important info out of her.
“So what?” Julia let out a large huff of smoke from her mouth. “Here to use my respect to your mentor to get me to rat out my operations?”
Cassandra glared at the woman, “Watch it. You may think I am just some shitty kid who sees you for how you really are, but I am not going to take advantage of what Diana did to this city,” said the young woman, feeling bitter at how untrue the last part was, but she had to get that info out of her.
“Hmm…” she took another huff and propped her elbow on the armchair. “I’ll answer whatever question you have, but after that, you’ll never hear from me again.”
Cassandra raised an eyebrow but nodded in understanding. She couldn’t waste this opportunity presented to her.
“Your money, the amount we found was a lot more than it should be, even for the Mafia, you guys shouldn’t be earning this much, not while RICO cases can nab you guys,” Cassandra noted, still standing firmly in place. “So… got anything to say about that?”
Julia huffed out a bigger smoke, covering the room with it. “Simple… it’s not mine.”
Cassandra groaned, “Look, I am not going to arrest you here, I am not a cop or SCYTHE, so you don’t have to worry-”
“I know,” Julia answered, her cigarette getting smaller. “Before I’ll answer your question further, mind hearing a story?”
“Do I have a choice?”
“Not really, no, after all, you are the one with the time,” She leaned against her chair in a relaxing position. “Story starts right after I married my Antonio thirty years ago. He just became the new boss after his old man got clipped by the Cartel. Back then the Sazias owned the city, so we had a lot of money to give away as… interests.”
‘Interests as in a debt that needed to be paid…’ Cassandra shook her head in disgust.
“One day this ambitious guy pops up and says he wants money to start his own company alongside other older folks, with long-term plans that will change the city. Those plans went up in flames.”
“Guess he failed to pay your family back?” Cassandra asked, brows furrowed. Just what is she getting at with this story?
“Nope, company lost more than it earned, so the debt kept piling on,” said the widow, sounding tired as she told the story. “That is until he married this woman that was working for his company for a while now. Young little thing, too young even. She had that innocence around her back then.” Julia let out a sad sigh and took a small sip from her wine. “Little did they know, that innocent woman had more fierceness that would make anyone look small.”
“...?” Cassandra tilted her head, confused.
“The ambitious guy’s wife ended up saving his company, using her degree and turned the whole company into a pharmaceutical company, raking up more and more money to the point he paid off the debt. She turned the company into the most important piece of medical advancement today…”
Cassandra slowly was coming to realize from the phrasing of the story that it started to sound familiar.
“Of course, my husband, bless his heart, honored the agreement. The debt got paid tenfold, so he ended it, and things went smoothly for that company,” Julia took one last smoke and threw away the cigarette. “Until the day Wonder Woman came to the city.”
Cassandra’s eyes slowly widened at this story and where it was heading. She remembered the date that Diana came to Gateway, by then she was already a famous hero thanks to her work in the Justice League, and quickly became a sensation.
“I am not sure when exactly this part happened, but the ambitious guy became a target by a former partner and hired an assassin. Diana was too late to stop him.”
She also remembered that one after reading it up from the news, it was the first time Diana had failed saving someone in Gateway, going up against Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke.
“The wife, blaming Diana for her husband’s death, calls my husband and asks his support again, but she didn’t ask for money, but for contacts, the kind of contacts you’ll need serious money to get, and the wife didn’t want to use the company money to get it.”
“Because it can be traced…”
Sazia nodded, finishing her drink. “So she asks us to keep her personal funds under the Sazias while she hires others to try and beat Diana for revenge. I am sure you know who they are.”
Villiany Inc.
She remembered them all too well, a collection of Diana’s enemies, which included Barbara Minerva, Hynota, Egg Fu to name a few, and Diana beat them all that day. It was the day that Cassandra truly became Wonder Woman’s biggest fan and inspired her to be a hero.
“We kept that money running, even after my Antonio passed away because we honored our pact, that is until Coast City fell, and she stopped taking any money from us,” The widow turned up to the TV. It played over an international meeting between two leaders signing an agreement. “I had my share of seeing people wanting revenge, just not the extent that would consume your entire business model.”
Cassandra followed Sazias gaze to the TV, the pit of her stomach-churning as the story went on, finally realizing that these bank robberies were no ordinary ones. They were bigger, much, much bigger.
[...In international news, last night President Veronica Cale visited the country of Bialya after an invitation from Queen Beatriz to make the two nation’s support official. According to President Cale through social media, “Bialya is a beautiful country, run by a beautiful ruler who cares for her people and is looking forward to a fruitful relationship”...]
“Angelo Bend isn’t stealing Sazia money… he is stealing Cale’s money?”
Cassandra Sandsmark was feeling a headache coming from this mess…
“I need a drink…”
“Don’t we all?” Sazia sighed as she took one more sip before ordering another bottle and another glass.
“Wait…” Cassandra raised her hand and asked. “Didn’t you say you don’t rat out your operation? You basically admitted that Cale launders her money to hire assassins?”
“Because Cale left me 10 million dollars for me to carry, and look what that gave me.”
“So why help me?”
Cassandra really wondered why Julia Sazia, someone who was deep into the mob life, would just admit she kept dirty money for Cale to use. This was a piece of damning evidence, one that could ruin Cale if it was let out. She honestly expected this would’ve been harder, but it ended up even more fruitful.
“Let’s just say I respect the old ways of doing business, before all this superpowered crap came in, and your mentor is someone I failed to repay for the kindness she gave me when my Antonio passed away,” explained the older woman cryptically.
“So you’re paying back the debt?”
Sazia nodded, and Cassandra let out a small smile. Diana had earned the respect of so many people like Barbara and Sazia to change their ways, well… mostly.
“I also have more info on who he is possibly working for in stealing her money, it might help you with the investigation.”
“Ever heard of the White Magician?”
Wonder Woman Vol 3. Previous Issue <> [Next Issue]()
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2021.10.21 02:56 ubersuperduper Looking for a 1st Born “Combat Patrol” equivalent…

I’m currently in the process of building and magnetizing a box of vets for Kill Team (2021) and it’s got me thinking about starting a 1st born only army. I was curious what you’d recommend buying to build a 500pt “combat patrol” box of my own? I would also super appreciate a road map going from there. I don’t plan on ever being competitive I just want an army I can have fun with and jam out some games at a local shop since I’ve finally found a chill group to share the hobby with. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 02:56 Kitchen_Hawk_6324 save the world

i am yet faced with another challenge where i picked legendary lead survivor over legendary ranged schematic, but i need help again, Legendary Engineer, or Legendary Doctor??
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2021.10.21 02:56 Brandon9405 It's been 10 hrs since my re-cauterization bleed

I made another post basically, I was drinking constantly and waking up every 2 hrs for a drink. I over slept my alarm and didn't wake for about 5 hours. So ither my throat dried out or a huge scab ripped off not sure, nor is my doctor he said it's unlikely and I just got unlucky. SO basically, woke up went to bathroom. Gushing blood into the sink rush to hospital they stopped the bleeding, but the clot was HUGE so they cauterized it just to be safe and make sure I didn't bleed out. So, anyone else that had to get cauterized again how far back did it set you? I am not in a lot of pain, but I have to go back on all "liquid" diet. :( This sucks...
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2021.10.21 02:56 stressednblessed [LF] NE Atlanta, GA - Assassin snails

Looking for 3 or 4 of them. Picked some up at Petco but need more. Thank you!
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2021.10.21 02:56 sudoooo Cost of living for short term

So I am thinking of staying in Dubai for 183 days for tax residency purpose on the remote working visa and I want to know cost of living in Dubai for 06 month and do people have rental for 6 month at all ?
The main cost of living factor I want to know is: rent, utilities, food/groceries, eating out 2-4 times in a month in a decent restaurant.
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The player isn't even me I just got him on my team and I played against him the game before that, both of them he popped off. I do play Sylas though.
He takes fleet + resolve. Starts D ring, gets tear first back. Maxes W -> E -> Q. Luden's -> Manamune -> Steraks / Hourglass. Boots vary between sorcs, mercs, and ionian.
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2021.10.21 02:56 Basfornow why do i feel invalid

why do i feel bad becuase i had to decline a care pacage from a friend in amrica i have know this person from this server and i have helped this person and i bleave that they are trustworthy but my family says no
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2021.10.21 02:56 Chrislondo110 A kamikaze suicide plane splashes near the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) underway off the Philippines, 6 November 1944.

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2021.10.21 02:56 captaincumragx Sort of a rant, sort of some encouraging words for you all

I just wanna say to all you awesome people who are expecting, I hope you have the birth you want and hope for, and you're not wrong for wanting to do it any way that sounds like it would be best for you. Epidural, no epidural, c section. Obviously there will be times when things change for one reason or another, and we end up having to deviate from our plans but I hate the negativity and shaming that we get from people in our lives or online based off how we would like to give birth. I know there are people who like to roll their eyes when I say I'm opting for unmedicated, I've seen people also act superior towards people wanting epidurals, and the judgement towards people who want c sections. All birthing experiences are valid, all preferences are valid, and birth can already seem daunting. I don't think there's any shame in wanting to have some sort of control over it and wishing to do it a certain way. Don't let other people make you feel like giving birth is a competition, it's not, and you got this.
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jm bullion
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2021.10.21 02:56 bigrichtheiceman You guys ever worried about a sudden death?

I’ve been diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety for a year and I feel like I don’t own my body anymore. The sleeping pills do make me fall asleep faster but the best I can get is 4h sleep, which is often interrupted. I’m so tired.
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2021.10.21 02:56 Kazza468 Any way to identify bots at first glance?

As of late, I've noticed an ever-increasing amount of bot posts and comments straight-up copying entire posts and comment threads from years ago. However, it's only apparent that they're all bots after checking all their profiles. This is a colossal time sink and I'd rather 1: Not have to do this, and 2: Not waste my time replying to bots in general.
Is there a way I could reveal who is and who isn't a bot without manually checking?
Thanks in advance.
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