how come a graph shows that a drop of temperature can cause a direct gas to liquid transfer even if the matter is not in a supercritical phase.

2021.10.21 02:49 pygmypuffonacid how come a graph shows that a drop of temperature can cause a direct gas to liquid transfer even if the matter is not in a supercritical phase.

My friends and I are debating this there is no graph we are just trying to figure out how exactly AA temperature drop temperature drop could cause a direct gas delay is it direct gas to liquid transfer without the substance being in the super critical phase does anyone have any ideas.
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2021.10.21 02:49 Ok_Seaworthiness3174 Responsibility shifting

Restaurant owner to waiter: look this food plate will cost 20$ if you want minimum wage. But if i reduce it to 15$ i’ll have to pay you only 2.5$ but my restaurant will attract more customers and you can get the rest of your wage from them. So win win right? Waiter: good idea with more customers there is a good chance I will get a good wage. Several months later… Waiter: this past month has been slow and i am tired of hustling for tips, we didn’t have many customers and the rest don’t want to tip. No problem according to the law if my tips don’t reach the minimum wage my employer has to compensate. Restaurant owner: sorry i want to earn and save the maximum not lose money. This is your mistake you should have been more agressive and persistent with the customers. You are a lazy employee, you have to find another job. Waiter: i should’ve tried harder. This is the customers mistake. Restaurant owner: Now hiring. Nobody wants to work anymore.
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If you aren’t busy and want to have some fun please be STD free and able to travel near 75228 zip code. I’m ready to please you and I’m ready for you to give me that meat
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Might sound a bit odd but I want to buy some Nike tiempos and they are cheap on the goat app most say box is missing lid are they legit?
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Hi there! I was looking to plan a weekend camping trip at VOF (or any of the other state parks in NV) and I noticed they are all first come first serve. Does anyone have experience picking up a campsite there and if so, was it difficult? What time were you there to get a spot?
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2021.10.21 02:48 th3frozenpriest Tome of the Mind - Chapter 12

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“Archmage?” Samuel repeated blankly, the words not quite sinking in.
“Indeed,” Aren Gorteau said, one eyebrow raised. “As there are currently no other contenders, you are the best fit for the role. Frankly, I’m also tired of having an empty post that my family badgers me to fill.”
Samuel felt his knees beginning to give way due to shock, and he gripped the back of the chair for support. That would be just perfect, he thought. To be given a glorious promotion based on strength and respect, then to collapse. He forced some strength into his legs and stood as tall as he could.
“With respect, I’m no better than an Apprentice,” he protested. “Even Apprentice Tokugawa could defeat me in a contest.”
It was the second time that Tobi’s family name had been mentioned, and it was only then that the meaning of it sunk in. He turned his head to the silent apprentice, his surprise and curiosity allowing him to momentarily forget the shock of the Prime Magus’ announcement. Tobi was obviously Nihon-Jan as he’d noticed, but there was nothing else to hint that he might have been related to his old friend. He was much taller for one, and the bones of his face were thinner. Despite the obvious power of his frame, he was clearly thin and gangly.
“You’re Shigeru’s grandson?” Samuel asked, his voice cracking unintentionally. “Why did you not mention that?”
Tobi turned to face him slowly, that slightly familiar grin showing. “I thought it would be fun for you to discover when you met my father.”
“He didn’t have a child until so late in his life?”
Tobi made a show of adjusting his sleeves before he answered. “I am not his son by birth. Rather, he adopted me as a child and instructed me in the ways of a warrior.”
“Oh,” Samuel said, feeling suddenly wrong-footed. “I didn’t mean to cause offense.”
“You caused none,” Tobi assured him. “Most feel I am not up to scratch when they discover this. I suppose I wanted to test you, in a way.”
Aren Gorteau cleared his throat. “If we could return to the matter at hand, there is more to discuss.”
Samuel glanced at him, deciding on the spot that he would interrogate Tobi later. “I will not be chained to the College. I intend to travel often, not to mention very soon.”
“The only way you can be free of the Archmage post is through death,” Aren replied, just as quickly. “But we do not require you to be here forever. We require only that you attend your honor ceremony, and set the syllabus for your school.”
“What happens if I miss this ceremony?” Samuel asked, fully aware that his tone was a challenging one. He had no desire to be strapped down just as he’d regained his freedom.
“Nothing too harsh,” Aren said. “But you will lose many benefits that the College has to offer, including a respectable publishing route.”
Samuel hesitated a moment. “Not much fazes you, does it?”
Aren smiled slightly. “Not at all. Did you think that members of the Royal Family are all stuffy and stiff?”
“No, not at all,” Samuel said quickly. “I just..”
There was a long pause. “Fret not, Samuel Bragg. I am well aware of the popular opinion of my family. It is not without its reason, but you will find in dealing with me that I am not like my family.”
“Right,” It was all that Samuel could think to say for a moment. “My apologies for the unintentional challenge, then.”
“I’m sure it was perfectly intentional. But I accept your apology.”
Samuel sat back down in the comfortable armchair and let out a long sigh. This day was turning out to be too much of a hassle, he thought. He wasn’t even halfway through, and he was already exhausted with the rapid progression of events. He closed his eyes and rubbed his palms over his eyelids, hard enough to see spots. Tobi seemed to relax his stiff formal posture a little and put one hand on Samuel’s shoulder.
“Samuel-san,” he said kindly. “You expect too little of yourself.”
Samuel looked up at him, blinking his eyes to clear them. “Don’t you mean too much?”
“No. You are the Champion of Arcana. You are a great mage in the making, and you are representative of a force that the world respects. You expect too little of yourself. A man as great as you cannot sit idly. He must contribute to the world in his own way.”
“And my way is to be an Archmage?” Samuel asked, his nerves calming. Somehow, Tobi had the same calming, unflustered nature to him as Shigeru had shown when they’d first met.
“I would like to think so. I don’t know you well, but I can tell you have much to share. Share it, and find your path.”
It was almost like having Shigeru there with him, Samuel thought. The young man across from him may have looked different, but the eyes carried the same weight, and the grip hinted at great discipline and wisdom. Titles meant nothing, Samuel reminded himself. What mattered was pursuing his own interests. The Prime Magus said that he would be allowed to do so, so perhaps he could give on this one small aspect.
“Very well,” Samuel said. He stood once again and turned to stare evenly at Aren. “What is expected of me?”
Behind him, Kiinor retrieved a wrapped bundle from below his desk. He handed it to Samuel, who unwrapped it to discover an Archmage’s robe. It was the first time he’d touched the fabric of a College robe, he realized. It was light as a feather in his hand, yet more durable than even the finest clothing he’d owned. He shook it open all the way, staring at the simple colors. The hems and sleeves of the robe were chased in golden thread, and the unlidded eye of Arcana was woven in dark blue thread.
“It’s a fine robe,” he commented idly. “Much nicer than any I’ve owned.”
“The robes of an Archmage are made from the finest materials known to man,” Tobi said, moving forward. He took the robe and held it up for Samuel. “The cloth is normally available only to the Royal Family.”
Samuel untied his outer robe, revealing his dusty tunic underneath. Self-conscious, he dusted himself off slightly with a gust of wind, then slipped his arms into the new robe. Tobi released it at once, and the robe began to change shape slightly, better conforming to Samuel’s frame. The black-trimmed sleeves came to a stop at his wrists with his arms to the sides, and the bottom halted a few inches above his boots.
“That’s useful,” he commented dryly as the robe tied itself shut. “Though I’d have to say that blue is more my color. Am I required to wear this at all times?”
“Only within the College grounds,” Kiinor answered. “Even then, it is not an enforced requirement. You’ll find that it does help, however. You tend to be harassed less when wearing this, versus your other robes.”
Samuel remembered his old Divination teacher, Rachel Ashara. She had been a young, beautiful woman when she’d gained the title of Archmage, and many of her students had made catcalls and joked in her presence until they discovered her temper. If he could avoid being dismissed or scoffed at, then the bright color would be a worthy cost.
“When is the ceremony?” Aren asked, Kiinor. “I have been busy with Wembly all week, so I am behind the times.”
“It is this afternoon, sir,” Kiinor replied swiftly. “Right after lunch.”
“So your class will be canceled, I expect?” Tobi cut in. “That gives me more time to finish my essay.”
“More time to put it off, you mean,” Kiinor said dryly. “How you keep your grades up with such a sloppy schedule, I’ll never know.”
“Thank you very much, Archmage.”
“That was not a compliment, Apprentice Tokugawa.”
Samuel looked round in surprise at their banter. It was so far removed from the Erik he knew of old that it was a shock to hear him laugh. He’s grown quite a bit, Samuel thought. So much of the world has changed, and here I am, still the same.
The Prime Magus made his farewell there, shaking Samuel’s hand one final time before excusing himself. Samuel watched him until the door closed, finding himself impressed by the unassuming air. He had in fact expected him to be much like one expected of royalty; stuffy, snobbish, and expecting lesser people to stop and be in awe of them. But there was a down-to-earth air about him, as if he expected nothing more than the next man.
“He is a great man,” Kiinor said, sensing Samuel’s thoughts. “He understands the burdens of those below him, and does not try to force his way around. A much better choice than Peran.”
“Peran became Prime Magus?” Samuel asked, spinning around.
“Thankfully, no. Astori used what little favor and influence he had at the time to persuade the Royal family to avoid appointing him. So they instead appointed Aren’s elder brother, until such a time as Aren himself was old enough to take the job.”
“The College has flourished under their care,” Kiinor continued. “They have given us more land for training exercises and raised awareness so that we can bring on more students. We have nearly a thousand students now.”
“That’s all well and good,” Tobi interjected. “But perhaps we should be preparing for the ceremony, Archmage?”
“Right you are,” Kiinor agreed. “Samuel, I will see you then. Perhaps you should go and find some lunch. If I remember anything about you, it is your appetite.”
Samuel couldn’t help but laugh at the comment. “You remember me well, Kiinor. I will see you this afternoon.”
Kiinor pushed open the door for him, and he made his way down the spiral stairs, back into the College proper. Several of the students he passed stopped as they saw him, their mouths falling open in surprise as the stranger in a white robe walked down the long hallways towards the exit. Samuel remembered where the mess hall was, but he decided to head back to the tavern for his mid-day meal. Mandra was likely to be a better cook than the over-worked chefs of the school.
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This scent should be in every man's collection, its absolutely beautiful and ozonic, fresh and calming like the cool breeze of the ocean at late evening. This brings me instant calm and release from my anxiety or any worries, don't worry about longevity and whatnot, just enjoy it especially in high heat! Also pulls lots of positive compliments.
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