The Deep Dharmas

2021.10.21 02:21 InstantEuphoria The Deep Dharmas

The Primordial Darkness

Chao Chou asked T'ou Tzu, "How is it when a man who has died the Great Death returns to life?" T'ou Tzu said, "He must not go by night: he must get there in daylight."
Before Siddhartha Gautama became Shakyamuni Buddha, it is said that Mara came to him for one final confrontation. There are various stories about what happened, but they all end the same: After defeating Mara and his demon armies, he vanquished the darkness forever. Then as he continued meditating under a tree he saw the morning star and attained enlightenment.
Although most of the stories are now enshrouded in a mythical nature, they all convey the same, fundamental message. Some Ch'an Masters called it "the forrest of thorns." In the Lotus Sutra, there is an entire chapter dedicated to this. The parable is about a desolate and fearful place, where a great leader is guiding the people across a very long road. The leader is wise and penetrating, and knows all the passable and impassable parts of the dangerous road very well. Seeing that the people are afraid and tired, he causes a city to appear around the halfway point, so that everybody may rest. After they are rested and their fatigue is gone, he reveals that the city is not the final place and that the actual, true treasure is near.
O monks! The Tathāgata is exactly like this. Now for your sake he has become a great leader who knows the long, dangerous, and evil road of birth, death, and desire’s confusion. You should leave it and be saved.
“If sentient beings hear only about the single Buddha Vehicle they will then want neither to see nor approach a Buddha. They will think that the Buddha Path is long and attainable only after enduring severe and protracted suffering. The Buddha, knowing their minds, knowing that they are weak-willed and of lowly aspiration, teaches them the two Nirvanas through skillful means in order to let them rest halfway to the goal. If there are sentient beings who abide in either of these two stages, the Tathāgata immediately teaches: What you have accomplished is not complete. The stage you abide in is close to the Wisdom of the Buddhas. You should observe and con- sider that the Nirvana you have obtained is not the true one. It is only through the power of the Tathāgata’s skillful means that the single Buddha Vehicle is explained as three.
“The Buddha is just like that leader who conjured a great apparitional city to let the people rest. Knowing that they were rested, he addressed them, saying: 'The treasure site is near. This city is not real. It is only my invention.'” - The Lotus Sutra, The Apparitional City
But just what is this road?... It is the road into darkness. It is fear. Deep, true fear. It is primitive and primordial fear. It is an experience so strong that reality itself is torn apart. It is a darkness so frightening that people would do anything to escape falling into its depths. The Abyss is deep and primordial; it is the source of all evil, malice, curses, fear, dread, and despair. To suddenly come face to face with it is the kind of experience that breaks a person and turns them into a schizophrenic, it is an experience that gives rise to a fear that lingers in a persons' mind and causes them panic attacks. This is the kind of darkness that consumes a person, the kind of darkness that follows them even in their dreams. Just like the Way can be approached in every direction, this darkness takes many forms, affecting a person through various means. But the truth is that this fear and darkness have no basis. They have no origin; they do not come from anywhere. For this reason all the meditation and therapy in the world will not rid a person of this fear. All the binge drinking and drug consumption will not cause a person to forget. Even the deepest psychedelic experiences with the most potent hallucinogenics are not enough for a person to pierce this dark cloud. So what can be done?
One must die the great death once, then return to life. Master Yung Kuang of central Chekiang said, "If you miss at the point of their words, then you're a thousand miles from home. In fact you must let go your hands while hanging from a cliff, trust yourself and accept the experience. Afterwards you return to life again. I can't de­ ceive you - how could anyone hide this extraordinary truth?" - Forty-First Case, The Blue Cliff Record
Haven't you heard it said, the real ones go through the fire? Just like a Phoenix, you will arise once again from the ashes.
A man who has died the great death has no Buddhist doc­trines and theories, no mysteries and marvels, no gain and loss, no right and wrong, no long and short. When he gets here, he just lets it rest this way. An Ancient said of this, "On the level ground the dead are countless; only one who can pass through the forest of thorns is a good hand." Yet one must pass beyond that Other Side too to begin to attain. Even so, for present day people even to get to this realm is already difficult to achieve. If you have any leanings or dependence, any interpretative understanding, then there is no connection. Master Che called this "vision that is not purified." My late teacher Wu Tsu called it "the root of life not cut off." - Forty-First Case, The Blue Cliff Record
Once you do arise from the ashes, it will not do to just remain there. That is why that Ancient said, "Yet one must pass beyond that Other Side too to begin to attain." This is also known as The Third Rank - Coming from within the Absolute
Within nothingness is a road out of the dust; just be able to avoid violating the present taboo name and you will surpass the eloquence of yore that silenced every tongue
At this point, you abide in True Reality. There is not a single thing. The country is vast and wide, the waters crystal clear. But just like Master Baofeng Jun said: "Do not serve the king of emptiness midway along the road; make the effort to get home." Master Yunmen also said:
Someone asked: "What does 'Sitting correctly and contemplating true reality' mean?" The Master said, "A coin lost in the river is found in the river." - Zen Master Yunmen, Case 15
Master Yangqi said to an assembly, "When body and mind are pure, objects are pure; when objects are pure, body and mind are pure. Do you know what I am getting at? The coin that was lost in the river must be retrieved from the river." - The Treasure of The Eye of The True Teaching, Case 161
Once you come back to life, everything will be as before. But this time, there is no shadow of a doubt about, well, anything! There is no dark cloud lingering, no confusion, no troubles. Everywhere you stand is certain, everything you do is without obstruction. It can be said that "the Great Deed has been done" or "the Great Fire has purged everything away". At this point, you are on your way to the final rank: The Fifth Rank - Unity Attained or Simultaneous Realization of Both (The relative and the absolute).
In being or nonbeing, who can dare to join you? Everyone wants to leave the ordinary current, but in the final analysis you come back and sit in the ashes
Great glory is effortless; Quit making a wooden ox walk. The real one goes through the fire- The wonder of wonders of the King of Dharma.
It is only after the dark night that the Morning Star appears
The Jade Woman casts the shuttle on the whirring loom, the Stone Man beats the drum BOOM, BOOM
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2021.10.21 02:21 mastercarD1 P/N For driver side dash speaker?

Can anyone help me with a Part number for the driver side (left) dash speaker (the speaker that’s between the windshield and dash in the left corner)
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2021.10.21 02:21 potatocook123 Mazda service cost $1600 pretax

I went to my dealer (San Francisco Bay Area) the other day for my "3 year service". They presented with 3 option: the minimum option costs $1600 pretax. I look at the detailed list and found nothing extraordinary: it's just engine oil and some other fluid changes, with 4 wheel alignment, air filter changes...etc. No break, tire or battery changes. I attached the detailed image below. Is this price reasonable? Am I getting ripped off?
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2021.10.21 02:21 ilikementheroux < dont blink > recruiting all

is recruiting!

We are a newly formed guild looking that focusses on mental health and wellbeing. In fact, one of our officers is a headcase that frequently requires guild intervention to keep him alive.
Our loot priority is, mostly I take everything for myself. This makes it easier, since I have been through 8-9 guilds now and this is the only way to stop me from being a crying little bitch.
We like improving each week and complaining about those who don't wear the right gems, even though our officers show up with none, including no enchants - because its their right to do so.

Currently we are holding oce 1st and 3rd fastest in BRD clears over 2 teams because that makes us sound good. Aiming to keep the focus on competing moving into the next phase with 9 arcane mages and whatever pugs we can find to keep ourselves going. We are also currently, looking for a new guild to merge with because this shit is going down the drain soon.
Don't worry though, we are 10/10 - you will like it here.

All classes welcome to join, as long as you don't touch Oracion's missus because when she starts sleeping around - he quits the game for a while.
Apply at or send me a message in-game or on Discord.
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2021.10.21 02:21 BigLongFootDoctor Scared Money Doesn't Make Any Money!

You see the price at all-time high and decide to wait for a pullback, this lack of action due to worry or fear has been proven to cost investors dearly. The price drops but you're worried it'll drop further and decide to wait, this doubt has also cost investors dearly. Scared money doesn't make any money!
If you truly want to ride off into the sunset in a Lambo, you have to take risks! Especially if you're younger when you have more freedom to do so. Far more money has been and will be made in this market be optimists than pessimists. Never forget that guys!
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comment if this worked
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2021.10.21 02:21 Thirtysilver Amazon hiding your nodes.

Here's a small example of what happens when you trigger the anti-farming code; Amazon hides nodes from you, but other can pick it and you can still see it from time to time. On motes and ores try walking over or jumping on them if you get stuck or it pushes you off, it's there, just not for you. I have clips of that example too if you all want to see.
I am certain I will get a big downvote because most just have fun and play the game, I just thought I'd give real farmers some heads-up if they're wondering where all their nodes went.
And no, I am NOT promoting my channel, I only stream for friends and myself -- just happened to catch this.
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2021.10.21 02:21 Emowetcat Just finished assembling the new cat tree..

Just finished assembling the new cat tree.. Walked away for 20 minutes and came back to see my two monsters had already made themselves quite comfortable in it. I get the feeling they like it!
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2021.10.21 02:21 PennyMarbles Love this little piece I found just browsing google images for watercolors. Can't find the name of the artist.

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2021.10.21 02:21 Deviator_za LGHub Port Update

I've experienced an issue since installing LGHub on my work PC. This was to my Logitech G502. My IIS did not show the error message until I installed my entire workbench setup on a different machine (which also happened to use the same mouse).
This wasted 5 hours of my time. Please make the port configurable since a change to this port might ruin it for someone else unexpectedly. Our software is configured to use port 9100.
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2021.10.21 02:21 spikeybois Audio distortion with scarlet 2i2

when I first tried using it to record electric bass and the recording was fine. After 3 weeks i tried using again and the output sound is highly distorted. There is no noise when silent. The distortion is consistent between recording it on computer to listening it through direct monitor. I tried switching cable but it didn't help with the noise. I've tried all the standard noise removal techniques online like replug, restart computer, lower sample rate increase buffer but none worked, which makes sense since i hear the distortion from direct monitor. Do I have to buy a third wire or theres something wrong with my bass?
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2021.10.21 02:21 BisexualADHDWeeb Sent the tuition by accident?

I was wondering could this happen. I got a refund for my pell and tap. I had another deposit but since my tuition was still saying it was due I figured it was for that. I see today that the deposit hit my bank account but my tuition is paid. Is this just leftover money or did they send me the tuition by accident?
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2021.10.21 02:21 Sense2001 so I tried removing the purple filter- yellow eye still?

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