Two north of England sites selected for multibillion-pound carbon capture plan

2021.10.21 01:23 UT_Teapot Two north of England sites selected for multibillion-pound carbon capture plan

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2021.10.21 01:23 Buttigieg2032 Tax Gain Harvesting and Capital Gains Tax Bands

When you get a household income of $496k your capital gains tax increases from 15% to 20%.
I have a lot of unrealized stock market gains, and a household income that will be low-to-mid $400k's next year.
What's the best strategy here? Should I tax gain harvest and take the tax drag hit, but pay 15%....or just continue to hold and pay 20% in the distant future, but get the advantage of not taking the tax drag on compounding gains (e.g., my principal that can compound is decreased each time you pay capital gains, so ideally you just want to pay capital gains once).
Having trouble figuring out how to do the math on this.
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2021.10.21 01:23 iGBjr Join my team and Earn Pi Bonuses Together! Referral code: gameboyjr

Please join my team. I am active 24/7 so you will maximize your bonus Pi's that you earn. Thanks!
Referral link:
Invitation code: gameboyjr
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2021.10.21 01:23 system3601 How do you change the tracked mission and select something else?

Hi, I cant find mission log or where all side quests are listed?
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2021.10.21 01:23 CapaxInfini Idea: department themed shirts

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2021.10.21 01:23 kojiro24 Friendly tip: If you live in an apartment, we really appreciate it if you put "turn left/right after elevator" in the description

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2021.10.21 01:23 -SumDudeJoe- would y’all recommend this as a first car? if not, what other jdm luxury cars are good for first time drivers? :)

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2021.10.21 01:23 C3ntipede Good horror/mystery shows?

hi there! I'm looking for good spooky shows to watch this october, preferable on canadian streaming stuff via netflix/prime/shudder etc. Doesn't need to be like straight up horror but something creepy/unnerving enough while having a captivating mystery throughout. I've enjoyed shows like Hill House, Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, True Detective, and Dark, so I'm looking for something akin to those. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks !
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2021.10.21 01:23 ricardojavier1980 TikTok Modern Dating Compilation #advice #mentalhealth #dating

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2021.10.21 01:23 No-Plastic-3488 trick or treat gimme pate pls

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2021.10.21 01:23 Taehyung_Solar_Stan Y'all where do I find my ACT ID on the MyACT website?

I don't have my paper score reports from the tests I took like a year and a half ago, and I need the ID to submit the scores to a college on their application portal. Where do I find it?
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2021.10.21 01:23 AncientAd8761 Online status

Do you guys ever go on whatsapp to wait until your ex goes online just because it makes you feel more secure lol?
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2021.10.21 01:23 Alexfinnertytattoos I’m Alex, I tattoo at Sacred Harp Tattoo in Salem MA ig: @alexfinnertytattoos

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2021.10.21 01:23 mxx333Qwerty1 沈阳大爆炸

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2021.10.21 01:23 sonicenvy My long lost little bud, SIC Mr. Sprite, glamor shot king

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2021.10.21 01:23 MegaDraegon IIL Kid Cudi's Mr. Rager WEWIL ?

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2021.10.21 01:23 realhacker6993 Why are so many people quicker to believe in the existence of aliens over the existence of a God, even though there is little to no evidence for both?

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2021.10.21 01:23 Night-Monk Never getting matches.

Let me clear the elephant in the room. This ain't a pity post. But have you ever wondered why you're not getting matches on the app but when in fact you're getting matches on other dating apps. I have a similar profile on all apps but I don't seem to get literally any matches on Bumble after a few months of usage. I've also tried the premium account for a week to improve my chances, but even that didn't help. Would like to know your opinion. Please do note that this is not a pity post nor is it dissing at any gender.
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2021.10.21 01:23 SunraysInTheStorm Trying to remember a word that means collective mentality or general way of thought, especially for a particular period of time

I've read the word being used to describe the general state of thought and the kind of ideas that popped up during the Cold War and even post that, in artificial intelligence, robotics, computer science and such. It's a foreign language word, either German or French, but I could be a bit mistaken here.b
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2021.10.21 01:23 Claybomb56 Sadie Adler’s story after her husbands death is the same as Arthur’s, it just happened over a couple months instead of 20 years.

So I don’t know if anyone else has realized this, but following the death of the person she loved most, she was a lost soul with no where to go, and Dutch was the first person who gave her another family and another chance, same as Arthur. After running with the gang a little while, she finds that the life of an outlaw fits her like a glove. She falls down the rabbit hole to the point where there’s no way to go back to a normal life, hence her becoming a bounty hunter after the break up of the gang. When the gang started falling apart she was once again left with no where to go, same as Arthur. Their stories are completely parallel up until the gang falls apart and I think that’s another example of the amazing storytelling in this game.
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2021.10.21 01:23 singlecoloredpanda Help identify eggs please!

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2021.10.21 01:23 TJN39 A realization of fate.

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2021.10.21 01:23 TheNocron CHRIS PRATT IN ONE PIECE

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2021.10.21 01:23 24096 The next generation of r/teenagers changed the subreddit.

I feel like the new set of teenagers using the subreddit kind of ruined or atleast changed the meaning of teenagers. Before it used to be all "oh guys memes haha look how we're all sad and depressed haha" but now it's all "uwu guys look at my new corset - guys try to make me blush in this post's comments haha - omg guys look at this new pen I bought" I just feel like teenagers has changed entirely since the new teens. Of course change doesn't automatically mean bad. We all have our own points of views. Just my opinion.
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2021.10.21 01:23 Areonaa Hand Knit Hats (beanies, caps, toboggans)

Check out my Etsy for handknit beanies, caps and toboggans!
Link -
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