Justaminx bites back

2021.10.21 02:29 clip_mirror_bot Justaminx bites back

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2021.10.21 02:29 TruelyNotImportant How often sj

I harvested a half oz dry of albino avery from my first flush so far, thanks alot!
I tripped on a little wet shroomy on monday (just enough to make me giggly less then a gram), will i have a diminishing trip if i do it on Thursday?
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2021.10.21 02:29 nobodybymitski [23] got through the day without a drink. what a nightmare.

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2021.10.21 02:29 Nintinup Retail stores opening in novel location everywhere - seen in Kingston this arvo

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2021.10.21 02:29 After-Pizza7806 🎂 #SquidCake | 8% CAKE Rewards! | 🎯Launched 10 mins ago | 1000x Moonshot!! 🚀

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Contract: 0xedae9a004cee0814f72f0b903da6524ef3838239
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Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xedae9a004cee0814f72f0b903da6524ef3838239#readContract
🔹We should really be able to pump this up and do a great job! Imagine getting CAKE to stake or whatever, just for chilling and holding!!
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2021.10.21 02:29 LeafMario I beat Super Metroid!

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2021.10.21 02:29 mandlebrot235813 US surgeons successfully test pig kidney transplant in human patient

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2021.10.21 02:29 IskanderSmarty I created a playlist of my favorite Pokemon LoFi covers. Enjoy!

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2021.10.21 02:29 alle15minuten Gerade ist es October 21, 2021 at 07:29AM

Gerade ist es October 21, 2021 at 07:29AM
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2021.10.21 02:29 axialvisit8yt trading ride potion

i am trading a ride potion pls offer anything other than robux pets i dont mean frost furies . i mean the pets we can buy at the pet shop and at the other stores
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2021.10.21 02:29 benhalsall Motion Tracking for Graphics, Call-Outs & Color Correction [USING BUILT-IN TRACKER]

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2021.10.21 02:29 HYminecraft777 stratum 1024 or 512 request

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2021.10.21 02:29 boydie360ptuk What are some longer length comic issues?

I'm going on a trip without WiFi and with the offline reading limit I can only download 12 issues before I leave. Are there any comics that are longer I can download so that I have more to read while I'm away? Really wish we could download more than 12 or that a "event" like civil war could be downloaded as one collection as its in the library.
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2021.10.21 02:29 Squizeward How does raven bow perform on support fischl?

I'm thinking about running raven bow on fischl as a temporary replacement until I get a stringless (which is definitely not soon considering i dont roll on weapon banner). At max rank it gives 448 base atk and its passive at r5 gives 24% dmg bonus against opponents affected by hydro and pyro (I run her in electro-charged beidou comp). Stringless has 510 base atk and its passive at r1 gives 24% dmg bonus on skill and burst. What do you guys think? Is the 62 base atk diff between the two even that big of an impact? How about the em diff?
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2021.10.21 02:29 Sithling_66 Yotsuba can be classy too, y’know?

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2021.10.21 02:29 News1stSL SJB General-Secretary files FR challenging govt decision to transfer 40% of the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant to a US firm.

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2021.10.21 02:29 K2TsU- Amethyst, my beloved. She's my first ever magic horse!! Thank you mom, for buying me pay once star rider today!

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2021.10.21 02:29 ZoolShop Google Recorder gets a new Material You look and a bunch of new Pixel 6 languages (APK Download)

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2021.10.21 02:29 davincithesecond günaydın

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2021.10.21 02:29 vicinty1 Should I be asking for a specialist appointment?

I know this is a small sub but I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice. For months now I have been having consistently elevated ALP (predominately bone iso-enzyme) which my GP wanted to follow up. He ordered a DEXA scan as well as PTH test.
My DEXA came back as osteopenia (I’m 26F) and my PTH was elevated at approx. 180. My calcium levels have always been normal and at the last test was around 9.5 and Vit D around 30 (I’ve been supplementing for a while now). I’m also deficient in B12, iron and magnesium and have been supplementing these also. Ive also since had an ultrasound on my thyroid which came back clear.
I had my gallbladder removed last year and so my GP wasn’t sure if this was what was causing the elevated ALP, and has said he will refer me to a gastroenterologist based on my next set of results in 4 weeks. I hadn’t heard of hyperparathyroidism at all before having my PTH tested but now I am wondering whether I should be following this up also? I’ve been suffering with fatigue and really bad brain fog/memory issues which prompted the initial work up in the first place. As my calcium is normal, I just don’t know whether the I should ask for a specialist appointment or not. I’ve got bad anxiety and I really don’t want to be annoying to my doctor (I know this sounds ridiculous).
Any advice would be much appreciated:)
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2021.10.21 02:29 purpleplatapi Have I got a deal for you! You adopt my dog, and than maybe I can move my entire family into your house because the apocalypse is going to happen soon! Don't worry, I'll provide lots of guns. What do you mean you won't let me see the dog?!

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2021.10.21 02:29 Old-Pipe9143 Healthy conversations men need to have more often..

Hey everyone, I too have had issues with PE unfortunately. Kinda awesome that’s there’s a subreddit for this. Some close mates of mine have just started a podcast and the first episode is out. They touch on performance anxiety and overcoming shame that men feel with sexual performance. Highly recommend!
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2021.10.21 02:29 Strawberry_Milk_V Finally got an endgame chat toxic survivor

Obviously ive had people tbag, but idk that could be for other reasons than to mock me. But this is the first time ive had someone call me a loser cuz they died to No Way Out? Its not even tier 3...i dint have add ons, (also idk if it obvious by me only have 2 perks on him, i don't ever play this character only doing it for a daily)
I feel really bad for the Jake that got hooked no one came for him and i wasn't even next to hook. And the Dwight hook suicided. Leon was the last one alive when the last gen was completed, and he dropped pallet on me earlier so i closed hatch in his face.
I let him run off cuz it would be easy to patrol the exit gates, i honestly forgot i had No Way Out so i was surprised to get a notification when he tried one of the gates. He waited until the last possible second to try for a gate so his fate was sealed. By the time i got to the gate he was at he already ran off, but there was 13 seconds left so i just chilled. Then had this lovely convo with him.
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2021.10.21 02:29 Gunner0716 Do you think Arteta should get sacked if we're outside top 10 by Christmas??

I still feel we should give him this full season to judge him properly but that can't be given if Arsenal are still out of top 10 by Christmas. Except Pepe,all players that started against Palace at home were Arteta signings or players who extended their contract under Arteta but still we got bullied by Palace in majority of the game. It's been 2 years since Arteta joined but still we don't actually know his style of play. Viera has given Palace their own style in less than 3 months being their manager. After spending £146M just last summer window,top 10 is just good enough
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2021.10.21 02:29 LawNation Dallas Cowboys Jayron Kearse Said "LOCK IN" | Film Observation

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