The Times: Великобритания води преговори за доставка на ракети Brimstone за Украйна

2021.10.21 02:03 chairbornebg The Times: Великобритания води преговори за доставка на ракети Brimstone за Украйна

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2021.10.21 02:03 reddeadfan5667 Dat voice tho

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2021.10.21 02:03 Blue_Sheepz True love (art by 蔵利)

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2021.10.21 02:03 eighphid Testing the absurd

I hate economics
You know what it is? It's ad hoc justification for status quo politics. It's legitimizing power with the language of math and enlightenment pathos.
Sure, we can better understand this anti social pathology of market dominance. Great fun
There are even economists who do look at interactions and evidence objectively and come to conclusions that contradict the dogma. What comes of it?
I don't hate studying, research, the goals of much of the pursuit. But it must be considered holistically. Such as communism for example. What communism "really is" doesn't fucking matter because what it means to most people is totalitarian autocracy. What economics means to most people is that the wealthy get to do whether they want. So that's what it is, get over it.
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2021.10.21 02:03 Hungry-Night5612 I cannot for the life of me be myself...

To keep things short, I grew up in the same place and had the same friends up until high school. I moved to a different country and that's where my social anxiety began.
Struggled with making friends and was nonchalantly made fun of / ridiculed a few certain times. I do also have zero self esteem so that goes hand in hand with my social anxiety. It's gotten progressively worse and fast forward now, I'm in the worst mental state I could possibly be in.. I am now college (senior) aged I have met my old friends after it being 4-7 years since I've seen them and this is what kills me.. I cannot be myself around my old childhood friends.. I'm quiet and socially awkward. I would have assumed I would be able to be myself but it's been so long, my social anxiety and crippling self esteem throughout my highschool years destroyed me and my personality. Now if I had to guess, each and every single one of my friends think I'm a weirdo. I have told my friends about my social anxiety issue, but that doesn't help. I'm still awkward as fuck with everyone.. I feel as if I will never be able to leave this hell and I'm stuck in an empty void with no where to escape and I'm forever locked away from being able to be myself and socialize like a normal humanbeing. I never in my life would have thought I would become the mess I am today... No matter how hard I try, my brain won't allow me to be myself without being a fucking awkward weird person that doesn't know how to talk.
Is it even possible for me to get out of this hell and change my perspective of how my friends view me now? Can CBT therapy really help me?
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2021.10.21 02:03 jalapenh0e my mint debut

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2021.10.21 02:03 garlickyqt As a 16 y/o wanting a release…

I learned that sex ain’t that important. Before, I was telling myself I won’t fap but I need sex to make up for it. Tough part is finding a girl at school. Not being able to get a sexual release is actually a good thing because it makes it so you put focus into other shit once your body realizes it’s not going to get sex it makes you automatically better at other shit.
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2021.10.21 02:03 chairbornebg Александър Вучич за Dnevni Avaz: Не виждам смисъл в отхвърлянето на инициативата „Отворени Балкани“

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2021.10.21 02:03 chairbornebg Reuters: Министрите на отбраната на НАТО съгласуват нов план за противодействие на Русия

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2021.10.21 02:03 amancoreseg Age of Empires 4 announced today that it will enter the factory press

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2021.10.21 02:03 Kite_Moonwall Does anyone have a button maker I could rent/buy off of them?

I've been wanting to try making buttons out of old trading card game cards for some time now. There's lots of fun and cool art in Pokemon, Digimon, Magic the Gathering, etc. I checked Craigslist but didn't find anything there. I don't want to buy one new since I don't know how much I'll actually make or use it, hence me looking to acquire one used. Any help or tips as to where I could get one would be appreciated.
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2021.10.21 02:03 PrestoVivace UCC Rev. Currie: Why I'm a pro-choice pastor

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2021.10.21 02:03 Master-Lobster-7044 Kucoin live chat support not working?

24 hours since my message and still no support has connected to me. Is there a problem?
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2021.10.21 02:03 Sad_Yesterday_6123 Speed Inconsistencies

So, in the light of the recent powerscaling posts I decided to reread and figure out the speeds of different characters. However, there are some things that I cant make sense of. So here we go,
Pre awakened maki already had subsonic reaction and combat speed. Yuji's and todo's speeds should be relative with megumi being a little slower. Toji was able to blitz megumi which puts his travel speed at supersonic range. Toji being a better maki at that point should have supersonic reaction and combat speed as well. Seems fair until yuji vs choso.
1) Choso was not only able to react to yuji he was able to counter him as well. Yuji in this fight should have subsonic combat speed. In comes Naoya and the same choso who did not seem to have any trouble keeping up with Yuji, struggled against naoya. Now Naoya can be supersonic but thats only after his ct build up. Nothing in choso vs naoya implies that naoya was building speed. Naoya should be moving at subsonic speed in that fight which means choso should'nt have had so much trouble fighting him in the first place. Even if naoya was faster than yuji, choso should not have been as severely outclassed as he was in that fight.
2) Jogo blitzing maki does not make sense either. Dagon said that naobito is faster than jogo which puts jogo below or barely subsonic. Maki should have easily reacted to that.
3) Post awakened maki despite being injured should still be supersonic like toji. I cant wrap my head around why wasn't she able to fight back against naoya through sheer speed even a little bit.
The reason these inconsistencies occured in the first place is because of gege's explicit statement about naoya surpassing subsonic speed against maki. He makes it sound a little special as if none of the cast was operating at similar speeds throughout the manga.
Possible explanations are welcome.
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2021.10.21 02:03 ASadChongyunMain Hot take: Kokomi and Qiqi are not as bad as one think.

Hot take: Kokomi and Qiqi are not as bad as one think. TL;DR: Kokomi and Qiqi are supposed to be on-field overhealing DPS tanks, meaning that using them will eliminate the need of a Healer and a DPS - and players can leeway themselves more Sub DPSs to maximize their damage output. But because their own personal damage is not on par to those big dong damage like Xiao, Ganyu, Ayaka, Diluc, etc... and their support capability is average to suboptimal, people tend to neglect them and deem them as the worst 5-stars. In the next 2.3 meta, this will soon change their opinion.
Now there are 36* enthusiasts that may disregard my post entirely, and it is fine. To be honest, this is just my hot take, an unpopular opinion.
Now bear with me, because this is going to be a long read!
=================== The current Spiral Abyss: The hard DPS checks and time-gated events Because of the new addition of monsters with giant health pools (Mirror Maiden, Array, Maguu Kenki), healers tend to be ignored, so players tend to invest more on their DPSs and sub DPSs, completely ignoring the essence of the healer.
Here's the HP pool of these enemies:

Mirror Maiden, Lvl 98 in floor 12 of Spiral Abyss.

Maguu Kenki, Lvl 98 in floor 12 of Spiral Abyss

Perpetual Mechanical Array, Lvl 100 in floor 12 of Spiral Abyss
Just stating this big three already gives Abyss players the ugh and eyerolls. Not to mention they usually have some moves that evade your entire set up, result in a huge DPS loss.
  • Fatui Mirror Maiden is similar to Cicin Mages, they teleport to evade your attacks. She also traps you in her mirror, making you unable to move and suffer from her incoming attacks.
  • Maguu Kenki has a 10 sec invulnerability to all damage, this is already a DPS loss. He also has an annoying dash that evade your hits completely, and the only way to negate all that is force the Kenki into a wall.
  • Perpetual Mechanical Array isn't annoying by itself, but its summons are. The Sentinels dashes back and burrows underground too much (looking at you Triangle and Snake), and even negates all frontal damage (Crab), forcing you to waste stamina catching up to them in order to hit them, or waste time trying to go behind the back in order to hit them.
And worst of all, there's a TIMER. Because the movesets of certain enemies are RNG, like Ruin Guard spins or Sentinel's dash forcing the players to either withdraw from or catching up to the enemies, a timer only adds more to the pain.
In short: Timer + Dodgy enemies + Large HP Enemies = The common Abyss set up.
This is a boring and repetitive content from MiHoYo, and the Spiral Abyss is widely known as the mother of all DPS checks.
But what if there is a change in the meta, where on-field DPS healers are viable?
=================== Healer Classifications There are 3 types of healers in Genshin Impact: The on-field healer, the off-field healer, and the teamwide burst healer.

Diagram of healers' gimmick

On-field healers (These characters heal your team with their normal and skill attacks while they are on the field) Off-field healers (These characters heal your character while they are off the field) Teamwide healers (These characters heal your entire team with their Elemental Bursts)
Noelle Sayu Barbara
Sayu Sangonomiya Kokomi Qiqi
Sangonomiya Kokomi Barbara Jean
Barbara Qiqi Zhongli (C6)
Qiqi Jean
Jean Diona
Here are their normal attack and healing scalings and their ascension stat:

Character Normal Attack Scaling Healing Scaling Ascension Stat
Sayu ATK ATK/Elemental Mastery Elemental Mastery
Kokomi HP/Healing Bonus HP Hydro DMG Bonus%
Barbara ATK HP HP%
Qiqi ATK ATK Healing Bonus%
Jean ATK ATK Healing Bonus%
Diona ATK HP Cryo DMG Bonus% (why MiHoYo)
Xingqiu ATK HP ATK%
Bennett ATK HP Energy Recharge%
Zhongli ATK/HP HP Geo DMG Bonus%
Of all the healers noted on the table above, only Noelle, Kokomi, Sayu, Qiqi, Zhongli and Jean are the only ones with one-sided scaling in both attacks and heals. However, getting C6 Zhongli is expensive and his main role is not a healer, so let's not talk about him.
=================== Why Noelle, Jean, and Sayu are preferred over Kokomi and Qiqi? In Genshin Impact, having only one-sided scaling saves time and resources for building characters. Having split scaling means that you have to fulfill two roles, and nobody have time for that. For characters with more preferred gimmick, people tend to drop one part of their kit and focus entirely on the other.
Some characters are fantastic even though they have split scaling (e.g. Xingqiu rain swords are more focused on damage instead of healing so his healing is just an add-on, Albedo's Solar Isotoma deals more damage and have more uptime than his burst, so people still tend to build him full DEF when he's still at C0, in this case his burst is the add-on), and some characters fell victim to that dreaded split scaling (e.g. Xinyan, whose burst hits like a wet noodle when she scaled with DEF, and her shield is frailer than paper when she is built with ATK).
But despite Kokomi and Qiqi having the advantage of having one-sided scaling, they are still "weak" and "undesirable"?
The answer is this.
I believe that Kokomi and Qiqi are deemed "bad" and "worst 5-stars in the game" because of loud individuals who don't even care about what their gimmick is and how do they even work. I'm not saying everybody who owns Kokomi and Qiqi are like this, in fact, there are people who loves them and cherishes them despite being off meta, and they have my absolute admiration for that.
I also believe that Kokomi and Qiqi playstyles are very similar to that of Noelle, who is a tanky healing on-field DPS carry. Their DPS is being sleep on. But unlike Noelle whose full potential is locked at C6, Qiqi's and Kokomi's potential is already shining at C0. They do not deserve the hate they get because of their misunderstood kit.
=================== So what and how should I build Qiqi and Kokomi then? My answer to that is, Qiqi Physical and Kokomi Hydro. Both should be Main DPS.
Here are some common mistakes people make with Qiqi and Kokomi:
  • People only use these characters as elemental applicators. This is not how they should work. For Qiqi, her elemental application is poor and require closure with enemies. This is a misconception, in my opinion. Her E Skill is for her to use alone, since Qiqi should be on-field to initiate her Normal and Charged Attacks in order to heal. She should be a Charged Attack spammer like Keqing is, since her attack speed is quite fast. Having Qiqi to applicate Cryo and burst heal only means that you're ignoring her attack gimmick. Her constellation favors her use of Normal and Charged Attacks, and one should utilize it.
  • Kokomi suffers the same misconception, albeit she's better in some way as she can utilize the use of 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith fully. However, using Kokomi's Bake-Kurage and then swap her out is not the ideal way to play Kokomi. You're ignoring her attacks completely.
  • People are very driven by meta, and if a character does not do big dong damage, they are considered "weak". But a new meta will soon to come, and this will make Kokomi and Qiqi viable.
=================== What is Kokomi and Qiqi's talent priority, and what is a good team comp to go with them? For Qiqi:
  • Talent Priority: AA > E > Q
  • In my opinion, Qiqi should not be build with Cryo DMG, if ever. The DMG she gave in her E and her Q is piss poor, on top of that her E's Cryo application is low and does not charge any Energy at C0. Qiqi really shines in a superconduct comp, where she herself is the main DPS.
  • Her 80 Energy burst feels like an add-on, just like Albedo's burst - his main source of damage is through his DEF-scaled Elemental Skill. Her burst has negligible damage and offer only healing.
Qiqi Physical Carry
  • Using Raiden's Elemental Skill, and with Qiqi's Fortune-Perserving Talisman, Qiqi can proc Superconduct on every hit, enhancing her Physical Damage.
  • Zhongli shield's shred enemies' Physical resistance.
  • Bennett can offer a huge ATK boost on Qiqi, furthering her damage and healing capabilities.
  • Raiden > Fischl > Kujou Sara > Electro Traveler.
  • Zhongli > Noelle > Xinyan (this is not recommended since Noelle's shield has a low uptime and high cooldown, while Xinyan's shield is frail and need C4 in order to give Physical shred)
  • Please try not to replace Bennett. Unless you don't have Bennett at all, try to use Kujou Sara as a buffer. If you don't have these two at all, then I pity you.
For Kokomi:
  • Talent Priority: AA > Q > E (main DPS) ; E > Q > AA (support)
  • Kokomi's a unique Hydro DPS, and also pretty flexible as a quickswap support with TTDS. Her Q can give her Normal Attack Bonuses in which she can enhance her AAs, her main source of damage.
  • She's also one of the two characters than can optimize ToTM artifact set completely, the other character is Zhongli. However unlike Zhongli, support is not Kokomi's main role.
Kokomi Hydro Carry

Wait... Isn't this just the National Team?
  • Yes, this is the National Team, and the best for all Elemental reactions comps in the game. As Kokomi herself is Hydro, you can eliminate the need for Xingqiu in this comp.
  • Xiangling, as the best Pyro Sub-DPS in the game, will offer a lot of help to Kokomi. With Guoba and Pyronado, every hit she made with Kokomi will now be a Vaporize. While Kokomi herself cannot deal critical hits, Xiangling can. That's why she's the best Pyro unit for national comps.
  • Kazuha can shred elemental resistances with 4 pc VV and offer elemental damage bonus with his Elemental Mastery.
  • Bennett might not help Kokomi since she scales off HP, but he can buff Xiangling instead. He can enhances Pyronado and Guoba through his burst, making Vaporize hits deal more damage.
  • Xiangling > Thoma (I don't recommend this to you at all. Unless you have no Xiangling to boot, then Thoma is your next best alternative. However, Thoma suffer from ICD, so his Vaporize hits are a lot more inconsistent)
  • Kazuha > Sucrose > Venti (All wielders of 4 pc VV. Sucrose can offer EM to Kokomi and Elemental shred, and Venti can offer crowd control and Elemental shred). I don't recommend Traveler since they send enemies away, forcing Kokomi to waste stamina catching up to them.
  • Bennett > Kujou Sara > Flex (since Bennett himself give marginal benefits to Kokomi, he himself is considered a flex slot as he only exists to battery the Pyro DPS and buff them)
=================== What are Qiqi's and Kokomi's BiS weapons? Here they are!
I'm just joking. Please do not do that. As I have said before, Kokomi and Qiqi main roles are not applicators and supports. The seemingly subpar and below average support utility of theirs is just a gimmick.
For real, this is their Best-In-Slot weapons:

Aquila Favonia for Qiqi!

Everlasting Donut for Kokomi!
As you can see, both weapons are not very universal - Aquila substat is Physical DMG Bonus%, and Moonglow is HP%. Not many characters can benefit from that. While Aquila gets the upper hand by its high base ATK niche for example, it is usable on Bennett ATK buffing or Physical Jean (her fall damage gimmick does not scale with the passive, however, so the best candidate for this weapon is Qiqi). Moonglow is just unusable anywhere except on Kokomi. Even Barbara can't utilize this weapon well, sadly. (Barbara's normals scale off ATK, while Kokomi's scale off HP). This weapon is tailor made for her.
But whatever it is, these two weapons are the BiS on Qiqi and Kokomi, respectively.
  • Aquila and Qiqi is like a matchmake in heaven. Highest base ATK sword, self-healing passive and ATK increase, and the Physical DMG Bonus is just the cherry on top for Qiqi's Normal Attacks. All in one package for your Qiqi.
  • Moonglow and Kokomi is an inseparable pair. The passive, the substat, all are literally made for her.
However, if you have neither of these, what should you equip them with?
The answer is Prototype Rancour and Prototype Amber, available at your service for free.
  • Prototype Rancour has a high base ATK for a 4* sword, at 565. Its passive is very good, giving the user 4% ATK and DEF increase after each NA and CA hit, and the passive is stackable! With R5, 4 stacks of hits will give Qiqi 32% ATK increase. It still does not beat total Aquila's ATK at R0, however.
R5, Lvl 90 Prototype Rancour total ATK: 565 (base) + 32% (181 added ATK) = 746 ATK.
R1, Lvl 90 Aquila Favonia total ATK: 674 (base) + 20% (135 added ATK) = 809 ATK.

  • Prototype Amber's passive is very helpful for Kokomi to regen her burst faster. At R5, Prototype Amber will regen 6 Energy per 2s for 6s for Kokomi, which is 18 Energy total. Combined with Baka-Kurage skill, she will regain half of her burst in no time.
=================== What are Qiqi and Kokomi's BiS artifacts, and what stats do I need to aim for? For main DPS Qiqi and Kokomi, their BiS artifacts would be 4-Piece Pale Flame & 4-Piece Heart of Depth, respectively.

Pale Flame

  • Pale Flame is undisputedly Qiqi's best artifact set. As her E skill require her to be on-field to maximize its potential plus C2 constellation's being addition to adding more Normal and Charged attack DMG to opponent affected by Cryo and add to it the 50% Physical DMG Bonus from 2 stacks, Pale Flame is Qiqi's bread and butter. It also increase her ATK by 18% if you can keep the stacks up, increase Qiqi's damage and healing capabilities.
Substat Priority:
  • CRIT Rate% >= CRIT DMG% > ATK% > Flat ATK > Energy Recharge (C1+) > Everything else
  • Elemental Mastery is a wasted stat on Qiqi.
  • Qiqi at no constellation does not need Energy Recharge, since she herself cannot regen any energy anyways. Also, her burst is just an emergency healing. We only focus on Qiqi's AA and E.
Main Stat:
Sands: ATK%
Goblet: Physical DMG Bonus%/ATK%
Circlet: CRIT Rate%/ CRIT DMG%
  • About the goblet, either Physical DMG Bonus or ATK is fine. Use Physical DMG Bonus to maximize Qiqi's DMG output, while ATK% still let Qiqi do decent damage but allow her for more healing.
  • A Qiqi with Aquila Favonia (41.3%), 4-piece Pale Flame (50%) and Physical Goblet (58.3%) will have a total of 149.6 Physical Damage.

Heart of Depth
  • Heart of Def Depth is Kokomi's best set for DPS. As Kokomi herself cannot crit, this can give players more leeway to farming artifacts, focusing mostly on HP only. While Kokomi's burst is active and having a Bake-Kurage on the field, the 4-Piece effect of HoD will proc and allow Kokomi to deal more damage further.
Substat Priority:
  • HP% > Flat HP > Elemental Mastery > Energy Recharge > Everything else
  • Try not to have any CRIT stats on Kokomi. This is where your unluckiness with artifacts shine.
Main Stat:
Sands: HP%
Goblet: Hydro DMG Bonus% or HP%
Circlet: Healing Bonus%
  • For the Goblet, either Hydro DMG Bonus% or HP% is fine. Hydro% on Kokomi for her to deal more DMG and HP% for decent damage and more healing utility.

=================== The upcoming meta and new boss In the next abyss, the Wolves of Tsurumi will be added as an enemy for floor 12-3.

New 12-3, courtesy of Genshin_Impact_Leaks
Now our corrosion buddies have come in to play plus the addition of the infamous spinning Ruin Guard who eats shields for breakfast, a healer should be a viable pick in this floor here. While this does not change Kokomi and Qiqi's usage in Abyss by much, this will surely help them find a place in the new meta.
Now, about the new boss. His name is Golden Wolflord, and a new world boss that players need to beat in order to get the materials to ascend Arataki Itto. He's the mother of corrosion and very well requires one to pack a healer to survive. He also requires a Geo character in order to break his shields.

Also, this dude can levitate. Good luck trying to hit it with melee attacks.

=================== New BiS Artifact set for Kokomi and Qiqi? With the leaks of 2.3 comes with new artifact sets. The new artifact set name is Divine Chorus, gives an additional 15% Healing Bonus at 2pc (same as Maiden), and a damaging passive at 4pc. Divine Chorus will be released with Husk of Opulent Dreams, a 5* defense artifact and Geo DMG set.

Divine Chorus, upcoming Healing set
What's good about this new artifact set is that it allows the usage of overheal plays, meaning that Qiqi and Kokomi's overhealing will not be wasted. The additional healing the two give will be converted into a bubble that deals damage to enemies instead. This is also the first artifact set that can deal damage to enemies.
However, the advantages that Pale Flame and Heart of Depth give is just as good for Kokomi and Qiqi, but until the new artifact set is released, there is not much information to compare Divine Chorus with Pale Flame and Heart of Depth.
=================== Final Words Thank you for making this far! Please consider one thing, that I do not force you to build Kokomi and Qiqi like this. After all, you are the one controlling your game, not me. I only make this post to make people consider Qiqi and Kokomi as weak and bad characters, and their kit is misunderstood.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
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2021.10.21 02:03 br34kf4s7 Where do you guys tend to find this traveling merchant?

I am seeking out a certain merchant called Travelling Knot Binder. I have found him 3 separate times and each time the game has bugged out and I have not been able to obtain the Port of the Goat he sells. If there are any places you all have found him in I would love to know so I can wander there. I've seen him in the South-East only and I'm sick of walking along the road lol
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2021.10.21 02:03 ImEliasK Its currently October 21, 2021 at 07:03AMat GMT +2

Its currently October 21, 2021 at 07:03AM at GMT +2
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2021.10.21 02:03 chairbornebg Предстоящи международни събития за 21 октомври (Агенция „Фокус“)

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2021.10.21 02:03 christian818 robux

trading a 10$ roblox gift card
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2021.10.21 02:03 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Weight loss and mental health: 'Food has been my happiness' | BBC

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2021.10.21 02:03 Kasen2 I went to the r/nba game thread so you didn't have to...

And it looks like the irrational hate for the Suns that came from last playoffs is still intact.
Seem to be full of bitter Nuggets/Clippers/and Lakers fans.
Almost choked on all the toxicity but I manage to get out of there alive.
God speed and see you on Friday when we destory the Lakers.
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2021.10.21 02:03 Powerful_Strategy498 NinjaFloki 🥷 🐕 ~ Just stealthlaunched, low marketcap early gem, first marketing steps going live right now! 💎

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WHY NinjaFloki (NF)?
Floki coins have been trending hard on BSC, and this is the most recent one that will provide everyone with 100x gains! With a powerful dev team combined with a strong and active community, this can be one of the best gems stealtlaunched ever seen!
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2021.10.21 02:03 alex1inferno Both eyes are open. This is interesting.

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