Are you afraid of the consequences of global warming?

Natural climate change in the past proves that climate is sensitive to an energy imbalance. If the planet accumulates heat, global temperatures will go up. Currently, CO2 is imposing an energy imbalance due to the enhanced greenhouse effect. Past climate change actually provides evidence for our climate's sensitivity to CO2. Global warming and kids: Be afraid, but not too afraid, Rosemary Goring. ... Governments either take drastic action, or we suffer the consequences. And, as they are all-too aware, these will fall ... To allow global warming to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius (which the IPCC has identified as the threshold for avoiding climate change’s worst impacts) would mean more intense drought, extreme heat ... Global warming now prevents more than 166,000 temperature-related fatalities annually. Headlines predictably said “Heat Deaths Up 50%” since the year 2000. But Lomborg points out that most all of that rise was due to there being more old people: Global warming does cause more heat deaths, but the editors’ statistic is deceptive. Scientists have said global temperatures should remain below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels to stave off the worse consequences of the climate crisis. Guterres also noted that the UN climate conference in November, during which world leaders will meet to discuss emissions targets, has a "high risk of failure." Global warming seems to be causing chaos in parts of the natural world already, and that seems likely to get worse, not better. So in the view of the experts, simply banking on rosy assumptions ... Limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2100 is still possible but the possibility is quickly fading. It would require an immediate and very significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions with a 55 % reduction from 2020 to 2030. Climate change mitigation consists of actions to limit global warming and its related effects.This involves reductions in human emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) as well as activities that reduce their concentration in the atmosphere. It is one of the ways to respond to climate change, along with adaptation.. Fossil fuel combustion accounts for 89% of all carbon dioxide (CO Air Pollution in the United States. Some four out of ten U.S. residents—135 million people—live in counties with unhealthy levels of air pollution, according to the 2021 State of the Air ... Comprehensive information from U.S. EPA on issues of climate change, global warming, including climate change science, greenhouse gas emissions data, frequently asked questions, climate change impacts and adaptation, what EPA is doing, and what you can do.

2021.10.21 03:07 Tellur_2020 Are you afraid of the consequences of global warming?

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2021.10.21 03:07 naga361 Please tell me this is satire

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2021.10.21 03:07 radiantmemories78 Viper Cosplay [self]

Viper Cosplay [self] Hi everyone! I have finally finished my Viper cosplay and this time, I edited it and tried to make it look as professional as possible! I really hope you all enjoy it, as I'm super proud of this cosplay, and I think it's my best one so far!
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2021.10.21 03:07 LiterallyStonkler Analysis-China’s silence on yuan’s swift gains keeps markets buzzing

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2021.10.21 03:07 ourmomrocks Animal Crossing IRL: 4,000 lbs. Sunfish caught and rescued

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2021.10.21 03:07 ZoolShop Meghan Markle slammed for 'highly inappropriate' use of royal title in political letter

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2021.10.21 03:07 _imAP Help

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2021.10.21 03:07 Pores200 27F Would love to connect and [chat] with Asian people

I'm 25, like to stay fit and eat healthy (though can definitely also go out and get drunk) and I can be a bit goofy sometimes. I have a thing for nerdy guys lol.
Looking for Asian guys for a chat and maybe some fun on the side as well if you know what I mean.
Interested? Send me a message with a bit if information about yourself (more than just a "hey how are you" please). Also add some photos of yourself as I'd like to know who I'm chatting with.
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2021.10.21 03:07 These-Extension-7371 🐕 ShibaSKY - 🔥 Launching Now | 8% SHIB Rewards | 🔒 Unruggable - 100% Community-Driven

ShibaSky is a fast-growing, 100% community-driven
with BEP20 tokenomics.
There are many cool reasons why.
In a world of decentralized currencies, we are convinced that decentralized governance is the next step. ShibaSky will be used as a governance token for our upcoming DEX ShibaSky-Swap.
As a holder, you will earn many perks as well as passive income through yield-farming. Because ShibaSky has such a small circulating supply the price of our token will increase a lot over time.
Early birds not only have the chance to shape the future with us but as well profit from a massive price curve.
We're about to release a lot over the long run

The contract creator renounced his ownership to the burn wallet and locked the LP. Thanks to that ShibaSky is not only secure but completely in the hand of the community itself.
Earn passive rewards when holding tokens and watch your balance grow.
🔥 8% fee auto distribute to all holders with every trade.
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 tokens
ShibaSky is not your typical meme project. We are a movement that is completely community-driven!
It all started with one person finding the contract and him making sure it is secure. This person (we call him the grandfather) invited his friends to join him on his vision. He wanted to create a project that is built by the community. He experienced a lot of rug pulls by greedy devs which lead him to the decision that a successful meme-token needs to be in the hand of the community itself.
ShibaSky has no owner but the community behind it. The contract creator renounced his ownership to the burn wallet and locked the LP. Thanks to that, we can now create a movement without hierarchy and scams. Join and build the future of meme tokens! (and get rich by doing it)
Automatic LP
💧Every trade contributes a 2% fee toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap.
Contract: 0x40de7f861d11b4131136f79ad5baad373f29e36c
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 03:07 JohnnyMiry Excuse me, what?

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2021.10.21 03:07 BA_Solace New to hockey wanna get into it

Hey y’all I’m new to hockey, and wanna get into watching it and checked ESPN to see how I’m able to watch any hockey games on tv, is it really only through ESPN+ I can watch any hockey beyond TNT having a game on Wednesdays?
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2021.10.21 03:07 mattice83 Juliet Landau

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2021.10.21 03:07 alxine2539 Alpha Rein is the only way.

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2021.10.21 03:07 lanxones Taking things into my own hands

As much as I want to communicate and interact with others, sobra kasi talaga pagka-anxious ko kapag may messages sa gc namin, lalo na kapag gabi. Nahihilo ako, ansakit sa ulo, rates go up, may body jerks gano'n (idk how to explain this one), ta's I get the urge to vomit, which I eventually do. Ang hirap naman magtago kasi sa iisang kwarto kami natutulog apat, so I have to make sure na either walang tao or tulog na yung tao sa baba before ako magsuka, and na malakas tubig sa gripo. Hindi naman ako makapagpa-consult since may fees, o kaya kailangang 19+ and I'm 18, and it'd be a big disaster if alam ng fam. Hindi naman harsh yung intervention na ginawa ko (tulad ng implied sa title and sa TW). I read na may sedative effects yung diphenhydramine so I bought 5 sa drugstore last Saturday and ubos na hahahahaha. Although effective for me, e please seek better interventions. Ito lang kasi available for me ngayon so I took a risk. Ayun lang namin, hope y'all are doing well. Take a rest then keep going.
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2021.10.21 03:07 Slow-Score-6416 There's a mouse in the kitchen

NA here, the one who has to work in the kitchen prepping breakfast every day. I was just off on vacation for a week, and came back to the news that there was a mouse in the kitchen. Allegedly, he'd been there ALL WEEK. They called an exterminator, but all they did was set out glue traps that aren't working. AM shifts haven't really run into him, but I see or hear him every shift. Nobody seems to care too much about it, except me. I check the traps every time I work. No matter how many times I tell other people to check the traps, they won't do it. I told my manager we need to get some of the ones that snap, they might work better than the glue ones. I got told no. I keep seeing mouse droppings on the floor and in the cupboards and it makes me sick. We don't know where he's been so there's no way of telling if anything in that kitchen is even sanitary. It's a VERY small kitchen, mind you. Probably 9 feet deep and it's barely wide enough for 2 people. Tonight has me more frustrated than ever.
I hadn't seen the mouse in a few days. I kept hearing things, but put it to the back of my mind, thinking maybe it was all in my head and maybe one of the traps got him. The mouse had pulled a trap under the dish sanitizer and I wasn't about to crawl on the floor and stick my arm down there to check. We bake all our cinnamon rolls for breakfast at the property, so at the beginning of my shift, I pull them out of the freezer and set them on the counter to rise. I'm walking into the kitchen, and I see this damn mouse pop out from under the microwave on the counter, and he starts munching on one of the cinnamon rolls. I pulled out my phone and got a picture of him quick, then ran to the maid carts trying to find some sort of cleaner to spray on him that might kill him. I settled for the bathroom acid cleaner. It's in a hand pump pressure sprayer, so you pump the handle on the top, and when you pull the trigger, it delivers a pressurized continuous stream until you let go of the trigger. It sprays pretty hard and you can get good distance. I came back slowly, stood there, and waited for him to pop back out. Sure enough, he crawled back onto the cinnamon rolls, so I sprayed him as much as I could, sprayed him under the microwave, and then he ran down the counter and under the dish sanitizer, so I sprayed under there too. I don't know if I even got him good, I hope he drinks it and dies though. Then, I grabbed the only glue trap he hasn't destroyed, and placed it in front of the dish sanitizer with a little chunk of blueberry muffin inside. Hopefully he thinks that that's tasty and gets stuck. I'd put rat poison in there or something but we don't have any.
I'm stressed out and don't want to go into the kitchen. I'm disgusted. Really disgusted. There were mouse droppings all over the utensil drawer. There were mouse droppings in the toaster. On the floor. My manager saw the mouse while she was filling the sanitizer chemicals under the sink. I've seen him on the counter, on the shelves below, on the floor, and by the sanitizer. We've found nibbles on food due to people not properly closing containers, so now everything has to go in the fridge. What more can I do? Nobody else is doing anything to help get rid of him, and all my coworkers are on my ass for wasting time trying to catch this mouse instead of doing laundry. All my other shift duties get done. They can do laundry on their shift. I think a literal mouse contaminating the food that our guests consume is a little more important.
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2021.10.21 03:07 Maxvillain666 iPad Mini 6 Question

Does anyone have one and utilize stadia on it? Curious as I would like to get an iPad and use stadia on it but I’m not sure how well it would work. Thanks for any info!
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2021.10.21 03:07 karnolan Also includes "Hey, Put some longer eye lashes".

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2021.10.21 03:07 spencefunk Closed for Business

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2021.10.21 03:07 AvGotNothingLeft First shroom trip...

This year I’m wanting to do my first room experience, I have some dried shrooms roughly about 1 g and then I have 1 g of fresh picked rooms, i’m not really looking for a trip , just more of a spiritual experience, does anyone know what it would be like to mix the fresh ones and the dried ones together instead of taking them separately? :)
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2021.10.21 03:07 Clusterforce Yo what Baizhu Dendro archon?

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2021.10.21 03:07 Sorry-Object3543 I think my poor sweet partner has pregnancy and a uti confused

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2021.10.21 03:07 Divinus_Venandi After a year of modeling armour sets, I decided to revisit my first ever set of armour based off of Malthael from Diablo 3 RoS

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2021.10.21 03:07 The_Trevbot Hit this one when I should have been sleeping.

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2021.10.21 03:07 IntenseVibes247 H: 7.5k caps W: 1:2 15k regular .45

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2021.10.21 03:07 C4pt Is this a new "feature" (Story in comments)

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