Montażysta "Bożego ciała" i "Żeby nie było śladów" o zawodzie montażysty filmowego

2022.01.20 07:26 Zacny_Los Montażysta "Bożego ciała" i "Żeby nie było śladów" o zawodzie montażysty filmowego

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2022.01.20 07:26 omgitsduane If you could only ever recommend three movies your entire life to everyone you meet what would they be?

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2022.01.20 07:26 joselovesgurbs YEAH BIG TIME GEEKY MEMBER

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2022.01.20 07:26 BelleAriel Racist Angry Sea Turtle looks way to happy to be standing in front of that flag.

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2022.01.20 07:26 PauLBarbeR7 Anyone have any information on these 2 Chinese cleavers?

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Hey guys! I am a MacEwan university student advocating for theory courses to remain online as a result of COVID / OMICRON and the lack of proper safety precautions being administered to/available on campus (lack of rapid testing, mask availability, hand sanitizer etc.) and also due to the constant back and forth and how students cannot afford to move out just for one month of classes to be in person. Not to mention, we as students are not properly supported by our profs or faculty when we do get sick and have to quarantine. We will not be provided with course notes or prerecorded lectures once we move to in person. With that in mind, think of all the students who wont quarantine when they are symptomatic in fear of failing their courses. It's just so unnecessary to move our theory classes to in person delivery for one month... PLEASE sign this petition in support. I understand that a petition may not do anything, but It doesn't hurt to add it to an email. I've been told by many professors that we students are "customers" and therefore have a say in how our education is delivered to us. I encourage you all to email your department chair person expressing your concerns/wants for online delivery to stay for the rest of the semester. Thank you all andbest of luck. We are all in this together because clearly our health is not their priority...PLEASE SIGN & SHARE PETITION
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2022.01.20 07:26 Necessary-Ad-5692 I just spent 24 hours in a decompression chamber after diving. AMA.

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2022.01.20 07:26 hatch_bbe Steven Bergwijn's INCREDIBLE 97th minute winner against Leicester! #Shorts

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2022.01.20 07:26 romain34230 Google Pay ne veut pas devenir une banque

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2022.01.20 07:26 Whole-Championship67 (UK) Hey guys, I have a 2015 abarth competizione and I’m looking to sell the catalytic converter. I’ve got a buyer who wants the code from the cat. Do you know where this is situated and could you give me a general price they are worth? Cheers.

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2022.01.20 07:26 turste59 Schauspieler Hardy Krüger im Alter von 93 Jahren gestorben - Aktuelle Nachrichten

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2022.01.20 07:26 Amiraxboy شب اول ماینکرافت را چطور سر میکنین؟؟

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2022.01.20 07:26 Radu_12621 Weed has made me extremely lazy

Hey guys!
I have been lurking around this sub for some time and wanted to share with you my story and how weed has affected me in a negative way so fast.
First I have a question. If we here on this sub want to quit weed, or try to quit or see the downsides of smoking weed, why are so many people in favour of smoking it and say that it has a lot of benefits?
In my experience I have been smoking on and off for the past 3 years. I'm 24 but ever since I moved to London I have been a heavy smoker. In the beginning I was still going to work, still lifting weights, training BJJ and even going to competitions. Now because I have been going in a slow downward spiral, in the past 1 and a half months instead of pursuing my goals and interests, I have been smoking daily and on my days off of work instead of training, or going on a date or doing something productive, I stay home and get high with at least 1 gram and play video games all day. I even got to the point of smoking 2 grams a day and not even eating. I was entering this lazy state where I wouldn't even go to the grocery store to buy food. It is a complete shock to me how I got from being a hard worker, training, going to competitions and being more productive overall to a couch potato who got so lazy that he can't even go to eat food.
Has weed ever had such a big influence on your life negatively? I am quitting right now I am on day 1. I sold the rest of the weed and tabacco to my house mate, threw away the grinder and cleaned the drawer where I would keep my stuff to smoke. I am also starting to write a journal and try to analyze and be more mindful of how my mind goes crazy when I want to smoke or when I get lazy. I really want to get back to my productive self and be more engaging in living my life.
Thanks for your support!
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2022.01.20 07:26 WalkingShadow9 I'm (29M) facing exhaustion from GF (28f)'s chronic depression, low self-esteem and emotional dependence. I set a boundary when she asked to temporarily move in, and she's heartbroken that I didn't help her in time of need. How can we improve considering the circumstances?

First and foremost, despite some really rough times - related to covid and otherwise - she is a smart, funny, empathetic person who I love very much. But at this moment, after setting a boundary that was interpreted as a rejection of her, I'm trying to navigate my own emotional needs, and how to assess if my partner can understand my perspective and move forward. Essentially, I'm exhausted and need space, and she's seeing this as a rejection. Which, as I assert the need for a partner who is independent enough to tackle their own problems, it's making me think if I have the capacity to manage her intense depression, self-hatred, ED, and the erraticism of behavior that is popping up under her deteriorating mental health.
Some context below (I'm sorry, I've never done anything on here before so I'm probably oversharing, but every detail is important, I think, to the nuances of the problem)
I (29M) have been dating my girlfriend (28F) for almost 5 years. For the first 3.5 years of our relationship, she lived with her parents. She's shared a room with her mom her entire life, and her father wouldn't let her stay out past 11 or 12pm. She only slept over when her parents were out of town, and I had to drive across town to pick her up, so we'd see each other 3-4 days max. She's a woman of color and I'm white, so I've grown up with a lot more privileges in the home than she did, but I think it's also given us different perspectives on what privacy and personal space means.
Very early on it was apparent the intense psychological strain her living situation was putting on her, as well as the fact she was navigating issues with depression, OCD, body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, surviving sexual assault, and the issues with self-esteem/confidence that can be wrapped up with all these other issues. She's also incredibly indecisive, and I find myself having to make any major plans throughout our relationship - she often ends up not getting me gifts on major occasions due to being overwhelmed with picking something. I also started to notice evidence of real anger issues and self-hatred related to all this, and it becomes more apparent that I am the only real emotional outlet for her. Her family isn't emotionally available and she hasn't developed the skills to open up to her friends about her feelings, so I become the central pillar of emotional support. Also, any time we have a moderately intense conversation, the idea that the relationship isn't working is brought into play, with a threat of breaking up. This causes me to internalize shrugging off certain things and being conflict avoidant to prevent the breakup conversation from reemerging.
So I worked on helping her gain the confidence to get a full-time job and move out. She needs a lot of extra help looking for jobs, being psyched up to apply, and I found myself helping to write a lot of cover letters. But despite her disadvantages, she starts making slow...very very slow...progress. She got a job doing work that was straining but that she believed in, but after 3 years she hadn't pulled the trigger because she didn't feel like she had saved enough money.
Now, in the midst of this, we start to have issues with sexual dysfunction, and sex becomes something that becomes infrequent and eventually stops. Then the pandemic happens, and her dad won't let her see me for weeks/almost months at a time. So she sneaks away during periods of work from home to seem me during the day sometimes. As I articulate my issues with our sex life, after an initial period of embarrassment and avoidance, she agrees to see a couples therapist in the summer of 2020. We start working on our issues, and I start trying to learn how to talk about the things that are bothering me without fear that it will cause a breakup. By Fall of 2020, facing even more psychological strain, we agree with our therapist she needs to get out of her parent's place. Little do I know she's saved up tens of thousands of dollars at this point (because she wanted enough money to NEVER have to move back in) which creates a moment of real shock and concern, because it seems like an unreasonably large cushion to expect for yourself.
The search for an apartment is strained by covid. She eventually finds a place that isn't perfect, but it has its charms and she's on a month to month situation. But she voices anxiety about the whole situation, and she broaches the idea of us living together, which is financially impossible for me at the time because I wasn't making enough money to qualify for a new place together. And on top of that, she's never even had a room to herself before, and since we haven't even be able to spend a week together, it seems like a bad idea with our untested day-to-day dynamic. And the final kicker: we're not having sex at all, and I've always been told that isn't a problem that's going to get better with cohabitation.
So she gets her own room in a 2 bedroom, but almost immediately, she's disheartened by the size of the space and the way her roommate has more control over it. She feels like, because she waited so long, she should be able to skip the transitional period and be in the perfect space to "start her life." She never really tries to have a conversation or assert herself by hanging out in public spaces, she just talks about the negatives and instead stays at my place almost 24/7. I start to feel like she's replaced her parent's sphere of influence with mine, without having her own private place of comfort...which was the point of her getting her own place. And while she's always been judgmental of the cleanliness of my roommates and my cleaning habits (she is used to a household where everything is cleaned twice a day), she starts to feel intense annoyance and aggression towards my particularly loud/gross roommate. Year 2 of the pandemic definitely created a pressure cooker situation, but she never makes the effort to find a place to live she would like more, and she doesn't take much part in any activities or hobbies outside my apartment, so we are spending 14-16 hour days together because I work from home. She gradually moves more and more stuff into my space, which also frustrates her because she feels like she's living there, but not. "I'm just using it for storage" is a repetitive conversation we have.
Also, while I was definitely witness to her depressive moments before, she starts to have more intense bouts of it, with really intense moments of self-loathing and negative comments about her body, which has changed during the pandemic. Though I think she looks fantastic, she is constantly crying because she thinks she's getting fat, stops changing in front of me and I have to gradually work her back up to letting me see her naked - which just makes the idea of having sex even less likely. She is sometimes avoidant of our therapy homework much of the time, and by middle of 2021 she's completely forgotten about my initial concerns about sex, and it's starting to feel like she doesn't think about my needs (before we even started, she said she didn't think about it much because she had problems at work/finding and apartment/ etc - everything else was always more important).
Her mental health gets worse and she quits her job due to psychological strain (admittedly a tough situation and I don't fault her for it), but for the next five months, she doesn't look for work and is in a state of rapidly escalating depression and lethargy. I cook all our meals and convince her to eat and do almost all of our shopping for essentials to keep us alive. She doesn't look for work or do much other than look at her phone on the couch, and despite many moments of positivity between us, she has 4 or 5 massive crying sessions in a week, and that becomes incredibly draining for me. She starts looking for jobs, but only because she's eating into savings, and she starts asking about moving in with me again while she searched for a job, but I think it's a bad idea because of the reasons before, plus the fact she's in a state of major depression and is increasingly hostile to the conditions around me (roomates, apartment, etc). I keep trying to get her to do therapy, which had been a logistical/financial problem, but get to the point I am willing to help pay to get her some help. But she never pulls the trigger, and I have to break down in couples therapy before she agrees, and bring it up in another session before I break down again about feeling like her only emotional outlet. We almost break up because she feels i embarrassed her in sharing too much with out therapist about her situation, and I'm so exhausted, I just feel like I need a mental break.
I look forward to going home for Christmas (2021) for a couple weeks, but while I am there, she is constantly telling me about how negative her experience is with her own family, speaking with anger about feeling alone and hating the holiday season. Despite facetiming her for hours at a time, she still feels unwanted and like and afterthought. I start thinking seriously about the strain of the relationship and creating some space when I get back to make sure I'm getting my needs met, etc...
Then...two days after Christmas, the day before she's supposed to come visit me with my family (though she still hasn't decided if I should cancel her ticket due to covid) her roommate tells her their rent is going up in Feb. Her roommate is considering moving out, and my GF texts me freaking out about what she should do. The first thing I say is to see if she is willing to stay for any time past February, to get a sense of her roommates plans. This feels like a sensible first-step question, but when she asks if that's what I think she should do and I confirm, she tells me she's not coming to see me and that she'll pack up all her stuff at my place and go away. Which is a huge shock/slap in the face, because she made such massive assumptions/leaps in logic. When I explain that the behavior feels very erratic and that my initial comment was not the end of the discussion - I was for instance willing to put her canceled tickets towards covering the changes in rent, etc - she just said "I understand." At this point, I don't know if I'm in a relationship anymore. She texts me when she's flying back to our home city, because she's afraid of flying, and I try to offer a neutral assuring statement, but she later says I sounded cold. I ask for a few days to myself with my family, and then when we facetime, she asks me again about her living situation. I explain the emotional strain i've been feeling, and the sense that I've been the only one trying to keep us both alive , and how I can't find anywhere where any expert says that our emotional issues will get better if we are locked into my current living situation together. I say a lot about how the last year has affected me (with some helpful prep from my therapist sister), and amazingly, she is receptive to everything I say, and apologizes for not knowing how much strain I've been under. We don't fully resolve the situation, but wait for me to come home and have a therapy session.
It's incredibly difficult for me to speak up during this time, and I hate that she may move back in with her parents - but based on what I know about her finances, that is a choice she is making rather than an objective need. I have a moment of realizing that, while I validate the stress she is feeling, she isn't handling the situation like an adult. While the job hunt is hard, if she wanted to find something to stay afloat, she probably could, but she has no confidence in her ability to do it, and I don't have the energy to "adult" for her right now. Despite the fact she doesn't have other outlets for her emotions, that isn't my fault and I need to take care of myself in order to be a supportive partner when I have my own sense of mental stability.
Anyways, I have a sense of peace about asserting my needs, and in the midst of that I come home to a GF who is making real efforts. Yes, her first thing she says after getting off the plane is complaint about my roommates, but she's cleaned the apartment. She makes me meals for the next two days. We actually have a positive sexual experience for the first time in 2 years. But there are still problems leading up to our therapy appointment. I see real psychological strain: after being excited about the iPad i gifted her, she obsesses for 20 minutes about a spec of dust that got on the screen protector that is imperceptible when the screen is on and it ruins the whole exchange. I learned from my roommate that after cleaning the stove, she hid the detachable burner racks while I was away as a passive aggressive punishment for not appreciating her cleaning. She breaks down again about the decision I made asking for distance, and is resigning herself to the idea of moving back in with her parents. She says she has been trying to be positive around me, but is repressing negative feelings and trying to cry in secret "so you won't hate me for burning you out." After our therapy session leads to a plan to give me some time to myself while we figure things out, she doesn't leave for days. Before she does, she learns that her roommate isn't moving out, and wants her to stay. But rather than this being a source of relief, she is overwhelmed with making the decision to stay or move back with her parents to save money, and the floodgates open back up and she says that she doesn't know if she can get past her feelings, because I broke her heart by not stepping up at the crucial moment - and despite always being there for her, she doesn't think I really want to be with her or build a life with her the way I have always said.
That puts us up to date. I've got some space for a few days, and realize how much I just need to be able to be by myself from time to time. How do I reiterate this without her taking it as a rejection, and how do I establish what I think is reasonable space for myself in the relationship while she is holding onto this problem? How do I set boundaries and expectations for my partner to be self-sufficient when so much growth is still necessary, and how to I promote that growth at a pace that can actually meet my needs in a reasonable timeframe? It feels right now like so much of this is close to insurmountable, because I am the support pillar for my relationship, and my partner doesn't have the confidence or mental headspace at the moment to bear more of that burden. Is there a path forward, or do I need to seriously consider walking away? Sorry for the novel, and if you read this whole novel of an exhausted and uncertain man, you have my admiration.
TL;DR: I've been exhausted by five years of uneven emotional effort and dependency issues in my relationship, and I'm trying to chart a path forward that centers my own needs while determining if/how my partner can meet them.
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2022.01.20 07:26 Mudamir Most hateful polish turbofolk song vs most peaceful turbofolk song in Rep. Srpska in 1994

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2022.01.20 07:26 Mala_Tea 298 urni mjesecima čeka ukop zbog uporabne dozvole: ‘Stavili su na nju naljepnicu. Bešćutno!‘

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2022.01.20 07:26 Ispiniallday Swedish player Paweł Cibicki banned from all football for four years after taking a yellow card bribe

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2022.01.20 07:26 Cryingmonkey1 Been trying to get better at building

Lately I've been really getting into building and I search up stuff on YouTube but all the videos on there are like quick tips and stuff like that what I want is good thinks to practice or where to start does anyone here have any suggestions on where I should start or stuff I should practice
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2022.01.20 07:26 ChillinScorpion69420

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2022.01.20 07:26 Alexzizai Which divine beast did you complete first?

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2022.01.20 07:26 BrushInternational32 Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu'nun üstü mü çizildi?!

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2022.01.20 07:26 Ax2Face Looking for some Outcast Psyker inspiration!

Hello all! As the title says, I'm looking for some inspiration on converting a Psyker or two for an outcast gang! I've done some reddit and google image searching, but have found precious little thus far outside of the forgeworld/BSF/Sanctioned models and illustrations of those models in action.
I'm not too familiar with Old Munda material or 40k at large (I'm a newer specialist games player through and through), so any art/lore/fluff/minis to help get the kit bashing juices flowing would be greatly appreciated! I'm thinking of trying to put together a gang with a Psyker leader and one Psyker champ, and convert with rule of cool > crushing opponents all the way!
I appreciate any thoughts in advance, and look forward to sharing whatever I come up with right back one here!
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2022.01.20 07:26 yyzworker One dead after shooting in East York: paramedics

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2022.01.20 07:26 romain34230 Actualité : Bon plan – La cafetière automatique avec broyeur Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM21.112.S "4 étoiles" à 319,99 € (-13%)

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