Native North Americans

2022.01.20 07:09 jdeepankur Native North Americans

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2022.01.20 07:09 WannoHacker OfS publishes plans to punish English universities for poor value for money

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2022.01.20 07:09 SOmeStalker22 How to merge JSRS with B&S(the latest one)?

plz guys, I want to know how to actually merge JSRS with B&S(nov 28 update).

I found a addon that said "BaS JSRS Sound Merge 1.5.1" and I use it but keep having CTD, maybe the addon is outdated.
answers!!! PLLLZZZZ!!!!!
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2022.01.20 07:09 smartybrome [100% Off] The Complete Business & Marketing Course - 23 Courses in 1

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2022.01.20 07:09 gellerross086 Scholarship Form 2022 - Online Form, Application, Last Date and PDF

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2022.01.20 07:09 DragonEyeNinja escape

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2022.01.20 07:09 Sjiznit How can i remove decks?

My workshop is cluttered with crappy decks, starter decks, failed attempts etc. But cant seem to figure out how i can remove a deck. Any ideas?
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2022.01.20 07:09 FreshNews247 Hallelujah Money -- Gorlliaz [Alternative/Indie] (2017)

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2022.01.20 07:09 LeWu_DYSEwnta So much chaos in 10 second.

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2022.01.20 07:09 ThatWeirdo1597 It’s not Valentine’s Day yet but this guy got an arrow through the heart.

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2022.01.20 07:09 MaxRavenclaw Tank-Girls : Biopunk horror eldritch abominations

This is a one-shot thing I came up with for fun recently. Probably won't develop it further, but thought it might be interesting so I'll post it here. It's actually vaguely inspired by Girls und Panzer, haha. If you ever watched it, you might notice how some tanks act as if they're just an extension of their commander's body, instead of multiple people trying to coordinate. This inspired the birth of a rather horrific concept in my mind.
A Tank-Girl is a hybrid organism that resembles an tank, often a model produced during the 2nd World War, being commanded by a young girl standing from the waist up from its commander's hatch. It's appearance is deceiving, however. The young girl is actually a body part of a much larger creature which inhabits the tank and wears it as a kind of shell. It has no legs, instead being connected from the waist to a large, bulging mass of bio-matter that fills the inside of the tank. When threatened, the 'girl' may retreat inside the tank shell in a similar manner to how turtles reacts to threats, although the shell may close its hatch for further protection.
The armour of the tank is made out of a sort of bio-metallic substance that outwardly resembles either rolled homogenous or cast steel, but offers significantly increased resistance to physical attacks. Damaged plates slowly regenerate until no sign of a previous attack is visible. In the case of a penetration, a substance resembling blood has been noted flowing from the produced holes. While a single penetration may fail to kill the Tank-Girl, multiple will eventually bring down the specimen.
Tank-Girls originally appeared in the East European steppes, apparently out of nowhere, and began attacking the local population. Despite the deployment of several national militaries against them, the Tank-Girls overwhelmed all opposition and pushed in all directions. Currently, the Russian Federation is engaging them on an Eastern Front, while NATO attempts to slow down their push deeper into Europe in the West.
That's about the extent of what my mind has spawned. I've also floated ideas of how human soldiers would react to them. Some would hesitate to shoot at what looks like a little girl, and thus miss the opportunity to hurt the hybrid before it buttons up. Maybe the girls would have a mind-altering effect when perceived unbuttoned, like a siren or something. Perhaps the brain really is in the head of the young girl-like body part, and shooting that kills the hybrid alright. Or maybe it's just an observation organ.
As for their origin, it can be anything from a cosmic horror or eldritch abomination or some rogue biomechanical AI deciding to destroy humanity and copying old tanks for some reason. Something like in Arpeggio of Blue Steel, except with tanks instead of ships and bio-engineered tank-girl hybrids instead of nano-gynoid/fembots. The tank as a whole also reminds me of the Cylon hybrids in BSG, be it the Basestars or the Raiders. Someone I talked to also made an SCP comparison haha
Anyway, thoughts?
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2022.01.20 07:09 ashrhowa Kid riding the stairs

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2022.01.20 07:09 blueberryluncher first unicorn!! 🦄🦄

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2022.01.20 07:09 ColeTheButcher uwu X3

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2022.01.20 07:09 tanja7com إضراب وطني لأطباء القطاع الخاص

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2022.01.20 07:09 RicGonMar Phone security key

It is now possible to add your phone as a security key after the last update :)
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2022.01.20 07:09 alluca0912 This is my hobby now, i design apandah nft’s

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2022.01.20 07:09 AasOravla When to stop development?

I'll try to be simple. When making/managing your cities... When to stop? I understand some of you is looking for most quantity of population, others for a stable economy. Me, usually, to add the city all available buildings.
The question goes as curiosity of how you guys decide to stop develop the city, limit population, height, horizontal expansion, sacrificing the development to achieve other things (beauty, traffic fluency, stability).
I had a 90.000 pop city, and the fact of wanting 100k made me destabilise the economy, turning my city into many abandoned buildings and commercials claiming for more goods.
I guess this balance goes on hand with the maths behind numbers of city/demands... Greetings.
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2022.01.20 07:09 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Report on sexual abuse in key German diocese to be released

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2022.01.20 07:09 Crispy_Crumpets I recommend playing Newgrounds Rumble

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2022.01.20 07:09 DragonTvBack Anime

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2022.01.20 07:09 LoveBeingYou Just curious (M39)

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2022.01.20 07:09 sophie_130902 Should I? (Quick please)

Me: R Zombie Buffalo
Them: R Llama and Dragon
I prefer buffalo but I'm not sure about the value and demand!
View Poll
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2022.01.20 07:09 HedgehogNo6985 Spcor tricky question

Hi All, its anyone avilable with strong knowlegs on Routing, i need to discuss for some of tricky question that i am facing, please contact me if you have free time Thank you in addvanced
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2022.01.20 07:09 nikitaosx Sonic the Hedgehog: Why this game is cool

  1. Really catchy and calm soundtrack. Soundtrack is really catchy. For example, Sonic 3's Game Over jingle and Sonic's Green Hill Zone music are really cute.
  2. Sonic can help everyone. It was confirmed in a video where baby toddler Tails falls and hurts his leg while after that, Sonic HELPS him 100% USEFULLY.
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